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I plan on upgrading our Office to Office 2000 from Office 97.  There are about 50 users.  Although I anticipate a fairly smooth transition (hastely assumption perhaps), I would like to backup all of the users current email folders.  Where are the folders (messages) stored?   What do I need to be certain to backup to avoid loosing any previous emails?
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bchewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Safest bet would be to export the folders to a .pst file.  You can then import it back into Outlook97 if you need to.  (File, Import/Export, ...)

what email system are you using...?

outlook express , MS exchange...????
zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
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zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
Although .pst files would be the safest bet, it would take you a long time, (i did 25 users took me best part of two days)and its your best option if Outlook on the client machines is not hooked uo to an exchange server. If users are connected to an Exchange server the other option is, shut down the mail services on the exchange server, and backup - exchsrvr/dsadata/dir.edb    exchsrvr/mdbdata/priv.edb and pub.edb

With these three files, you could if needed set-up a completly new Exchange server and restore these files (there is an MS Knowledge base article on this)and all users files/folders would be available to them.

If you want more info on this let me know  
zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
No exchange server.  Thanks anyway though.
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