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Panasonic KXP 1150 problems

I do have a panasonic KXP1150 printer and I do have problems printing with it. When every the printer are finished with a line it prints a U at the end of the sentence. I had 95 on my machine and I updated it to 98 but still have same problems. I deleted printer driver and readd it in windows 98. still the problem exists. i specific insurance program was loaded on my machine with an external CDROm drive ever since that the system refuses to print normally. any suggestions. I looked for an updated driver at driverzone but revered back to the windows 98 cd. i do have a brand new parralel cable attached to my machine and printer.
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1 Solution
Is the Insurance program a dos-based program?  What is it called and who makes it?  
Did the program place any strange entries in your config.sys or autoexec.bat file that might be causing this problem.  Try renaming your autoexec.bat file to autoexec.2 and your config.sys file to config.2 and rebooting your system and testing the printer.  If this doesn't fix the problem rename them back to autoexec.bat and config.sys, if it does fix the problem, rename them back and then try to go line by line to figure out which line is causing the problem.  
Sveral possbilities and problems this will resolve it though

1. Uninstall the cd-rom drive through add remove programs or if it is on your start menu most likely the cd-rom drivers are interferring with the printers drivers... if there is no uninstall go into device manager and look under ports and the printer port see if the cd-rom drive is listed if it is select it and select delete disconnect your printer and any other devices from the parallel port then reboot windows once windows has rebooted uninstall the panasonic driver and reboot then reinstall the driver if that did not work go to next step

2. go to start run and type sysedit and hit enter then go the the file c:\windows\win.ini look through this file for the external cd-rom drives drivers etc... it may have it owns seperate section it wil probably have a comment at the top of the win.ini that says somehting like run=Sony external cd drive or something like that.... put a semi colon ";: without quotes in front of that line this will comment it out and then look for any other references to the cd-rom drive and comment it out... then go into the system.ini file and look under the device= section look for the name of the cd-rom or something like that or the manufacturers name for example device=sony     comment that line out then look under the 386 enh section and comment out anything that looks like it is the cd-rom drive for example sony.386     there will only be one of these comments in this section for the device....

Save the changes and exit if you are not familiar with what I am talking about above then you can e-mail me copies of your system.ini and win.ini files and I will show you where to edit them and e-mai it back to you   my e-mail address is matrixportal@hotmail.com

3. IF the last thing did not work then when your pc boots up and says press this key to enter setup press that key it will tak you into your bios then once in bios look for the parallel port mode in your bios make sure it is set to SPP standard parallel port mode or bi-directional they mean the same thing it cannot be set on ecp or epp this will cause problems with the printer.... save the changes then exit then shutdown pc for 1 minute with printer powered off and disconnected then reconnect and reboot

4. If that did not work then finally go to start find files or folders where it says look in select my computer then where it says named type in DRVWPPQT.VXD click find now (if you do not fidn the file do not worrry if you do follow the next instructions)  right click on the file where it is listing it under name and select rename then put your cursor at the end of the d in vxd and left click once then backspace 3 times to the dot it should now say DRVWPPQT.   type in OLD and hit enter it will now say DRVWPPQT.OLD close the find program shutdown pc and printer for 1 minute disconnect cables then reconnect and reboot

As a final note it is 3 things in most likely order

1. The cd-rom's drivers
2. The parallel port mode in the bios
3. the DRVWPPQT.VXD file which is found in win98 it causes paper out or jam error messages on the printer it also can cause error writing to lpt1 and hearts and diamond shapes on most printer some printers it puts other characters instead.
jwilsnachAuthor Commented:
Brian! thanks

I've got a problem now to get into the bios of this machine to change my mode to spp.
To gte into your bios when you first bootup your pc it says press this key to enter setup press that key then you will be taken into your bios once in there go under either intergrated perphrials or look for ports you want to check the parallel port mode it should be set to spp

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