vb tutorial

can someone pleaase tell me where i can find good tutorials for visual basic?
if possible, please in german.
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this is german site.
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FolkoAuthor Commented:
in germany, why???
but i more need a visual c++ tut
>>in germany, why???
This is your answer!
>> if possible, please in german.

I don't know any thing about visual c++ tutorials since we are in visual basic area!
Why did you gave me "D"? You did not even post your reason for that!!
Hello Folko,

My name is Darin and I work in Customer Service at Experts Exchange.

I do not normally get involved with issues of how a question was graded, but in this case it does appear that the grade that was assigned is related to your understanding of how Experts Exchange works.

I think you will really get more out of the site and get excellent answers to your questions if you will take a few minutes to read the material we have provided concerning how the site works:


Since we everything about us is questions and answers, we have a separate page on what we define as a question and an answer. If you will take a moment to review this information the quality of answers you will get should be far greater than otherwise:


For example, in this thread, you have asked for VB related information. That question was answered and then you asked about C++ information - a new question. The expert advised that this was not the within the context of the original question and said that he had no information for you on a topic he is not familiar with. It appears that you graded with a D because of that. If that is the case, I believe that anyone reading the thread would agree that the lower grade was undeserved.

Be careful when grading your questions. It is not hard to get a reputation as an unfair grader and the responses that you get to questions you post can suffer since most experts do not wish to help someone that will grade them unpredictably or unfairly.

We have experts and customers from all over the world with varying degrees of proficiency in English. So, no insult intended, I have included links to AltaVista. They have a Translation link that you may find helpful while reviewing the other information to which I have pointed you.


<or the German version>


Customer Service
Community Support
Folko: You never respond to my question. I won't help you anymore!!! That's my guarantee!!

Darinw: Thanks for posting the above guide lines. I really appreciate for that :-)
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