Action Buttons not showing in R5 Notes Client, that show in R4.6 client

R5 compatibility issue.
Action Bar buttons that show in R4.6 but don't show in R5 client. I can't use the R5 designer on the form b/c it hasn't been fully tested in R5.
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stharrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Aha, I think I have found the problem.  You cannot do design work on a dB in R4 and R5.  The results of doing this is what is happening to you.  See Technote below.

Number: 172515
Date: 10/15/99


Form actions can disappear in a Notes R5 Client if the database is being designed in both Notes R4 and Domino R5 Designer.

Example Scenario:
A database is originally created in Notes R4, then some design work is done in R5. Some further design work, specifically the adding of Form level Actions, is carried out in R4. When the database is now viewed in R5 Client or Designer, these actions are not visible.


Notes is functioning as designed. Design interoperability between R4 and R5 is not supported. Once the design is touched using the R5 Designer, design elements can no longer be edited using 4.x. All design changes from then on must be made with R5.

Supporting Information:

When a form is saved in R5, a $V5Actions field will be created on the form. This can be viewed via the form's design properties. An enhancement request has been submitted to Lotus Quality Engineering requesting that a warning message be displayed when R4 notices the $V5Actions field.

Does this help?

St. Harris

I think this might shead some light on your problem.

Technote 175873:

Using the 'Simple Appearance' Option with R5 Frameset Designer To Hide View Action Bar


In the Welcome page (Bookmark.nsf) of the Notes R5 Client, some frames such as the Inbox and Calendar do not display the action bar buttons or the view selection area within that frame.  How can you display these features?


The R5 Frameset Designer provides a Content option called 'Simple Appearance' for any frame whose source is a view or folder.  With this option enabled, the action bar buttons and selection area for that view or folder do not appear in the frame.  Documents may still be selected with the spacebar as they would in a directly-opened view or folder.

Frame properties for frameset HPCalendar2 in bookmark.nsf

Note that the 'Simple Appearance' option is always de-selected when a view or folder is chosen.  Therefore, if this option is selected and you use the folder button to chose a new view or folder as the frame source, you must select this option again.

Supporting Information:

There is a problem that has been seen when selecting the 'Simple Appearance' feature;  the view selected is loaded in the frame but is rendered with the column title (and action bar, if applicable) visible.  These elements should be hidden when the view is initially loaded if 'Simple Appearance' is selected before the view.  The 'Simple Appearance' checkbox is always being reset when you choose a view or folder from the browse dialog.  This issue has been reported to Lotus Quality Engineering.

Steps To Reproduce Problem:

1.      Create a new frameset.
2.      Select Content: Type=Named Element and Kind=View.
3.      Select the 'Simple Appearance' checkbox.
4.      Click the folder icon, select a view title from the menu in the Locate Object dialog, and click OK.  The view selected is loaded in the frame but is rendered with the column titles (and action bar if applicable) showing.
johnkeanAuthor Commented:
It's actually not showing when accessed via a Notes R5 client. The buttons are not in a frameset, just a Form action, which also does not show in the actions menu, though it does both in the 4.6 client. It doesn't seem to be related to the client workspace, more from the server, which is R4.6.
We tried flushing the db cache with no luck so far. Thanks for the response, hopefully the above info will assist. I've tried recreating the action, using an existing action, deleting, changing the position of the button etc, with no chnage showing in R5.
johnkeanAuthor Commented:
St. Harris
 I think it helps me think about what an R5 server may do to a 4.6 database ... I was aware of the behavior listed in your technote, b/c about 8 months ago I had worked on a different form and database and noticed that after I saved in R5 things didn't work in R5 that later were saved in 4.6. I put in the original posting that I did not use the R5 designer, which I haven't b/c of the behavior I'd noticed in that different db. Our test server environment has been upgraded to R5, but we're still not ready at the OS level to upgrade our production environment. Our IT staff has opened a call to Lotus for a workaround and I'll post the answer and/or award points for a workaround, if it exists. It shows the $V5Actions in the design element, and even though I'm sure that there were no changes made via R5 Designer, it shows that there were. There was a Global Find and Replace performed on the form via TeamStudio and I'm curious how the API may deal with it. Since it shows the mentioned field, I may just save in R5 and go for it. It seems that Lotus is saving both $V5Actions and $Actions in the form and displays according to client type. I'll probably award you the points once I hear back from Lotus. Let me know if what I wrote triggers anything else. Are there any other R5 issues that occur just by saving in Designer R5 that you're aware of?
johnkeanAuthor Commented:
I still need a workaround. Thanks.
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