Taking time measurements

I need to make exact (with at least 0.01 sec) time measurements. Is there a normal function to do that, like there is "tic" and "toc" in Matlab?

If the answer involves MFC, tell me so in a comment, I will erase this question and repost it into that appropriate section.

What I mean is:

<start timer>
<make a run>
<stop timer>
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can easily do this by calling 'GetTickCount()'
To elaborate - a call to 'GetTickCount()' returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since Windows was started. So if you want to measure the amount of time a certain operation takes, use

DWORD dwBefore;
DWORD dwAfter;
DWORD dwMillisecondsElapsed;

dwBefore = GetTickCount();

// processing here...

dwAfter = GetTickCount();

dwMillisecondsElapsed = dwAfter - dwBefore;
The problem with that  (well actually with ANY solution, so no criticism of what jkr said) is that windows is a mult-tasking system so high precission timing at the application level is not possible.  If your app is suspended fir 1/2 second during the run you don't have 0.1 accuracy.  

There are things that can be done to make timing more reliable, but you will still find that it isn't perfect.
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I didn't get an e-mail about my comment either.  :-)

I got yours though.
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Thanks, "jkr", "nietod".

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>>Maybe some temporary problem on your

I hope so - but when there's a problem, it is not due to *my* server, as it is next to me... but maybe a unreliable relay host in between...
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