How to get Main View from Mainframe

I have writtten a n MDI app. Now i want to access my default or first view/window from the Mainframe. I have created many Child window any of which i can access by thier frame pointers but how can i get the frame pointer of the default or first view/window.
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Vinayak KumbarConnect With a Mentor Sr Program ManagerCommented:

I assume that Ur
App class is CTestApp
main/default view is CTestView

Say U want to access a variable say intVal which is a int from the CTestView in mainframe.

Follow the steps.

1. Open the TestView.cpp. Remove the include headers for the TestView.h and TestDoc.h

2. Open MainFrame.h and include the TestView.h
3. Open the Test.h and include the TestDoc.h
4. Open Test.cpp go to InitInstance(), there U will find the default view's document template. Remove the first line i,e,, remove
CMultiDocTemplate* pDocTemplate;
and add it as the public member in Test.h
5. Open the mainfrm.h and add the following function as public:
BOOL FrameCreateOrActivate(CMDIFrameWnd* pMDIFrameWnd, CDocTemplate* pTemplate,CRuntimeClass* pViewClass);

6. Then open the mainfrm.cpp and add the function as
BOOL CMainFrame::FrameCreateOrActivate(CMDIFrameWnd* pMDIFrameWnd,CDocTemplate* pTemplate,
                                                                                    CRuntimeClass* pViewClass)
      CMDIChildWnd* pMDIActiveWnd = (CMDIChildWnd*)pMDIFrameWnd->MDIGetActive();
      CMDIChildWnd* pNewFrameWnd = NULL;

      if(pMDIActiveWnd != NULL)
            CDocument* pDoc = pMDIActiveWnd->GetActiveDocument();
            ASSERT(pDoc != NULL);
            CView* pView;
            POSITION pos = pDoc->GetFirstViewPosition();

                  pView = pDoc->GetNextView(pos);
                        ((CTestView *)pView)->intVal = 10;                  
                        return TRUE;

            //No views So dont handle anything
      if(pNewFrameWnd == NULL)
            return FALSE;

      return TRUE;

7. Whenever u want to access that variable just call it as
CTestApp *pApp = (CTestApp *)AfxGetApp();
      FrameCreateOrActivate((CMDIFrameWnd*)AfxGetMainWnd(), pApp->pDocTemplate,(RUNTIME_CLASS(CTestView)));

Thats it. Here I have shown U to access only one variable. If U want to access more that one, then just modify the function little bit to handle that. In the similar way u can call the functions too.

Hope this helps.
Call CMDIFrameWnd::MDIGetActive() to get the currently active CMDIChildWnd.
kakamnaAuthor Commented:
What i want is that how can i get the main window or frame cordinates so that i can get the co-ordinates of all the child windows with respect to the main window co-ordinate. I want to save the postion of all the child window relative to the main window when the ap is closed and are restores when ever the aplication is being started again.
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Vinayak KumbarSr Program ManagerCommented:

One more simple method.

1. Open the TestView.cpp, Remove the TestView.h and TestDoc.h includes.
2. Open the MainFrm.h and include TestView.h
3. Open the Test.h and include TestDoc.h
4. In the MainFrm.h have the pointer as
CTestView *m_pMainView;
5. In the mainframe's constuctor set it to NULL as
m_pMainView = NULL;
6. Open the TestView.cpp, include MainFrm.h and in one of the initialisation functions say OnDraw put the following line
((CMainFrame *)AfxGetMainWnd())->m_MainView = this;

7. Then U can access all the variables and functions of that view class from the mainframe using m_pMainView pointer.

Try it out.
kakamnaAuthor Commented:
VineExpert is really a expert.
Vinayak KumbarSr Program ManagerCommented:

No, No, No such comments plz :-).

(Not VineExpert)
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