Intranet security

How can I implement a user ID and password for letting people enter a particular section depending on their logon and pwd?

I give all the points I have left...
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mgoergenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do all users have a valid NT Login?

You have two options.

You can protect the files via a script login. Not very professinal and not very secure. Also it is not so nice to handle it. For example who will you protect files like word documents etc. if a user knows it and simply download it.

Create two domains called depA and depB for example. make each user from depa  member to his domain and the same for depB

create two directories called depa and depb under the root dir of the intranet.

Have a look at the IIS there is an option to password protect a dir and to use valid users. for Dir depa choose all member of the domain depa and the same with depB

After that all files are protected by your server and you don´t have to take care about anything else.

Unfortunatly IIS could not use a database for checking users. For example Apache Webserver could use it :-)

The best way to create a password protected section is to set it up on the webserver.

So question is which webserver do you have?
pmelkebekeAuthor Commented:
I'm using Microsoft's IIS with the FP extensions installed.  What I really would like is the following:
I want to implement this for different departments.  So if a user from deptA logs in he will go straight to the pages concerning deptA and will not be able to see deptB.  If a user from deptB logs in we have the same thing for deptB and no acces to deptA pages.  And this also needs to be done for deptC, deptE...  I would like to use a simple acces database to store the username, password and department and use this database for granting or denying acces.
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pmelkebekeAuthor Commented:
OK, but what do we do with users that should have acces to depA and depB?
pmelkebekeAuthor Commented:
Isn't there anyway to create a login page in FP and from there have the users checked and directed to the section they have acces to?
simply add them in both domains so they will have access to both directories

So you see it will be easy to handle the access to the dir. via the domain concept of ms
sure you can create such a page. But who will you manage for example protection for seperate files like exel sheets, pdf´s and so on???

So be sure that this is the best solution, even notice that it is move one time to set it all up, but after that everything is easy and no great problem to do.
pmelkebekeAuthor Commented:
Well I'm not very familiar with the domain thing and WIndows NT, so I'd like to try it from within FP with an Acces database.  Can you help?
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