Complete Internet Sharing config

I tried to config Internet Connection Sharing on a Win98 2nd edition, but it does not work, client can't use server's shared Internet connection.

"Server" is PCA, "client" is PCB. I can ping in both direction using names.
IPs are and
Client browser is IE5 from Win98's kit and I had configured like ICS readme said.

I like to have a complete, step by step guide for this ICS setup or a MS KB article number.
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SemperPhiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I messed with that until blue in the face, then just went and got WINPROXY

gives you much better control logging
and a fire wall... its cheap too.

easy to set up...
Have you try put the Server IP address in Proxy setting from Clients IE setting?
I'm not completely sure, but did u change IP's after installing the Internet Sharing stuff?

If u did I suggest (do this anyway) u go to the configuration screen, software, windows setup, internet workstuff and delete the internet sharing then u should reboot and do the same, but then install it, it should again ask for a disk, so put a disk into the drive, after it's done you should reboot again then go to your other PC and run iclset.exe on the disk.

Also it might be smart for u (if u dont have any virus-scanner active) to download cleancih from the internet or mail me for it. (Dont worry too much for virusses though, because the virus scanners cause more pain and irritaion then the virusses(most of the tim) - haha )

 - Tzycone of UtopiC
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
klaszlo, Try this!

First, make certain that both of your Pc can be seen on the network neighborhood.
Second, make certain you have established correctly the ICS on both computers.
I have assumed you at the First question both of the computer is linked on a good network connection.
Thus, try to check again on the second question and establishing it correctly.

On your second PC, try to check if you have installed the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) too. If first PC with modem is using ICS as a host server, the second PC should not installed the ICS as a host server too.

If you have already installed ICS on your second PC, try to uninstall it, control panel, Add/Remove programs, window setup, unchecked the box for ICS and Click Apply and OK to uninstall it. Restart the computer.

You can create a ICS client floppy from first PC (the ICS host) and install at second PC as an ICS client.

Afterwards, at the second Pc (act as ICS client) create the DUN but go to the DUN at "My Computer", click into its properties, Server Typers, [Advanced] , do not assign primary DNS, secondary DNS etc. Select the radio button:-
[x] Server assigned name server address.

Click OK and exit.

Restart your PC and check again. The first Pc being on power. Your second Pc is being logon. The first PC will assign an IP address for your second PC for connection to the Internet ISP server. This new IP address will be remembered by your second PC.  

Try online again for the second PC and then see if modem in first Pc is  disconnected once second PC has finished web-surfing and been disconnected the line on your second PC desktop.

Remember, since dynamic IP address will be used. Therefore, inspect with both computer the networking protocol of internet connection sharing, the boxes for [x] Use DHCP for Wins Resolution and [x] Obtain an IP address automatically are being checked/enabled.

<<"Server" is PCA, "client" is PCB. I can ping in both direction using names.
IPs are and >> Don't use these static IP addresses for both machine.

Let me know if it worked.   pslh    
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
klaszlo, In addition to my previous comment. See also this link.

There are several ICS questions that you're worth to take a note.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
klaszlo,  in addition to the above of my comment. See also this article (about the same procedures.)

Should have a clearer picture now, if you've queries please just put it up here!
here's a great how to for IC sharing, it should tell you everything
klaszloAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
klaszloAuthor Commented:
Thanks for advices.
I did a search on MS KB for "Internet Connection Sharing Troubleshoot" and Q238135 came out.
The main problem was that on PCA (the server) TCP/IP did not show the (Shared) and the (Home) components.
After deleting Win98 SE and reinstalling it from Setup ICS's TCP/IP config get OK, with for server and client gets through DHCP.

BUT the sharing still does not work.

1.If I connect from the server to some ISP without specifying ISP's DNS server address (default setting) name resolution does not work.
After connecting to ISP client can't ping anymore the server.

2. If I connect to a local WEB server from server it's OK, but client still can't access pages.

Next I'll try to remove ICS from client and perhaps reinstall it, then i'll try again.
An interesting thing : if I change the IP address for TCP/IP(Home), the LAN card, restart, I can't use the modem port, I must restart again ...
Lan card is RTL8139A and modem is Genius 56k internal, both on PCI. Until now they worked OK together in a dozen PCs.
I raised the points to 200.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
klaszlo, It looks like there are still some confusion. You do not need to assign an IP address to the NIC.  


Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing enables you to configure your home
computer network to share a single connection to the Internet.

With Internet connection sharing, the computers in your home network are
used as follows:

      The Connection Sharing computer (sometimes called the gateway)
            The computer that connects your home to the Internet also
            provides some of what makes Internet connection sharing
            possible: private Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and name
            resolution services for the other computers on the home

      Other networked computers
            The other computers set up to use Microsoft Internet
            Connection Sharing on your network can access the Internet
            through the Connection Sharing computer, using private IP
            addressing translation.

When a computer on your network sends a request to the Internet, its private
IP address is transmitted to the Connection Sharing computer. The Connection
Sharing computer translates that private IP address to the IP address of the
Connection Sharing computer, and then sends it on to the Internet. When the
results are returned, the Connection Sharing computer translates the IP
address back again and routes it to the correct computer on your network.

The only computer on your home network visible to the Internet--meaning,
having a direct connection--is the Connection Sharing computer. Other computers
on your home network connect to the Internet through the Connection Sharing
computer. They do not have direct connections to the the Internet.

If you set up Internet Connection Sharing to use automatic addressing,
Internet Connection Sharing uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
DHCP dynamically assigns private IP addresses to all computers on the home network.
You can also disable the automatic addressing service and statically assign an IP
address to each computer on the network.

TCP/IP Settings

To access the Internet using a Connection Sharing computer, ensure that
the TCP/IP settings for your network adapter are set correctly by
carrying out the following steps.

 1. In the Control Panel, double-click the Network icon.
 2. In the list of network components, click TCP/IP associated with your
    network adapter, and then click Properties.
 3. Select the "Obtain an IP address automatically" check box.
 4. Click the WINS Configuration tab, and then select the check box
    next to "Use DHCP for WINS Resolution".
 5. Click the Gateway tab, and then remove any installed gateways if any
    are listed.
 6. Click the DNS Configuration tab, and then select the check box next
    to "Disable DNS".
 7. Click OK to accept the new TCP/IP settings
 8. Click OK to update your new network configuration.

NOTE: These changes require restarting your computer for changes to take
effect. When you are finished, the computer will restart.

PCA (act as server for ICS),
       ---    setup ICS via Control panel, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup.
       ---    After installation, create a ICS client installation floppy disk.
PCB (act as client for ICS), no need to do as PCA. But, do it as following: -

To start the IE5 Connection Setup wizard for the first time:

 1. Insert the floppy disk you made when you installed Microsoft
    Internet Connection Sharing on your Connection Sharing computer into
      your floppy disk drive.
 2. Click the Start button, and then click Run.
 3. Type:


    where "a:\" stands for the floppy drive.
 4. Click OK.

Then you will have a DUN for the PCB.

DUN for PCA, you can set as usual, test the dial-up and make certain it can connect sucessfully to the ISP. Then, keep it online for PCB to login using the same route in connection to your ISP.

PCB, DUN's configuration, please see my previous comment.

Let me know if you have queries.     pslh
klaszloAuthor Commented:
To pslh:
1. ICS assigned to TCP/IP(Home) i.e. the NIC from server automatically !!! not me.
In Q238135 is stated clearly that both server and client use IP addresses for NICs, client getting his IP through DHCP from server.This is working. Also client can be configured manually to static IP address too. This works also.

2. How to create DUN on client without a modem card, because that ICSCLSET.EXE doesn't create a DUN at all.


klaszloAuthor Commented:
I did it with Sygate in 5 minutes.
Thanks anyway.
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