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importing exchange tracking logs to access

posivibe asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I am having trouble importing exchange 5.5 sp3 tracking logs to access/excel.  I realize the logs are tab delimited and select the appropriate button.  

What happens is the recepient's name (which should be column 13) appears as a new record.  This makes it impossible to utilize the logs.  This field is separated from the previous one by a line feed (according to M$), but I can't figure out how to get it to ignore this.  During the import you can see a preview of the data you are importing and no matter what I've tried I can't get it formatted properly.  I have searched M$ site and can't find much help on this, they simply tell you to import the log as tab delimited.

I am using Access 2000 with NT 4 SP 5.  Any ideas?
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try www.promodag.com  -- I've been using it awhile and it works great, it seems to be free, though a nag screen has just recently started pop-ing up, but if that's all then, I'm satisfied


I have experience with Promodag, but it limits you to 15 days of import.  I think it's a good tool, but too expensive at this time for our needs.  It would be more useful if I could import 31 days of data, but I understand that they have to make money too... just too costly for now.
Brian MulderFreelance
Top Expert 2006

Hi posivibe,

Well I know it's tedious doing it b hand...from my xperience...

so what you can is this

+with the file just import it so the name will be in the next line.
+now press ALT+F11
+then goto :: insert>new module from the menu
+then paste this code


Option Explicit

Sub DR()

' Data Reorder
' I= The counter for the source sheet
' rwIndex = The counter for the rows in the sheet
' clIndex = The counter for the colls in the sheet

Dim I As Integer
Dim rwIndex As Integer
Dim clIndex As Integer
Dim rngCount As Integer

rngCount = (ActiveSheet.Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row) - 1
For I = 4 To rngCount
  clIndex = 13
  rwIndex = I
  Range("A" & I).Select
  Cells(rwIndex - 1, clIndex).Select
Next I

End Sub


+it will start at row 4 thats the I
+it will loop through the sheet
+copying the names in collumn 13
+and delete the then empty row
+if you would test it on the first records to that with F8 and step by step
+if all goes well(tested here :O) ) then just press F5
+after it is finished you can close the code window and delete the macro or whatever



I'll give this a shot tomorrow.


ok... I tried your code and instructions, but I was unsuccessful.  First of all when I import the data I get the recipient record on the second line and I get another blank record below that.  To be clear I get 3 records for each one I want.

Secondly I cut and pasted your code and then tried to run the macro I get "xlCellTypeLastCell variable undefined error".

Brian MulderFreelance
Top Expert 2006


could you send me a sample of such a file?

then i'll can customize it and look at the exact format.

mulbum@worldonline.nl is the address
Top Expert 2006
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Adjusted points to 100


Your code works well, my only problem is my logs are too big for excel.  Let me know if you can figure out a solution for Access.  Thanks all.
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