Deleted hard drive

I have deleted everything on my c: drive.  When I restart my computer it says, "Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)
c> and it won't accept anything I type, what have I done and how can I repair this problem?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ladyleo, submit this per my last comment as an answer.

Thanks cordially Dennis for all your kind support!   ;p)     pslh
Reinstall Win98 on the c drive
If your computer comes with a restore cd place it in the cd-rom and reboot the machine.  There might be a boot disk that works in conjuntions with the cd or you might have to go into the BIOS and set the pc to boot to the cd-rom first
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Yupes, you must reinstall your windows again. If you have a bootable CD-ROM you will be able to install it directly from the CD-ROM, remember to setup the BIOS to boot up from CD-ROM. Your CD drive must suppor this function also.
Else if you don't have a bootable CD-ROM you must make a boot up disk.
1. Format a floopy disk from a working machine with the following command :
 format a:\ /s
 copy c:\windows\command\
 copy c:\windows\command\
2. After that use the boot disk to boot up from disk a:\ remeber to set your bios to boot up from your floopy first.
3. Format your harddisk
you should see a:\>
  format c:\ /s
4. Remove your floopy disk and reboot your system.
5. You should be able to see
install your CD driver
and reinstall your Windows

Good Luck, if you need more detailed help feel free to drop down some comments here
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
ladyleo, you need to boot up the computer by using the Win98 startup floppy which is inserted in the A drive. Then at A:\> prompt, type "sys C: " without the quotation. It will transfer the system command back to your C drive.

sys /?
Copies MS-DOS system files and command interpreter to a disk you specify.

SYS [drive1:][path] drive2:

  [drive1:][path] Specifies the location of the system files.
  drive2:         Specifies the drive the files are to be copied to.

It looks like this: -
A:\>sys C:

See if this can be solved.      pslh
Enter your BIOS Setup and check first that the boot sequence includes A: then insert a windows boot disk into A: (all good programs such as Norton and Windows prompt you to make one on install - if all else fails go to another computer with Win9x on it and create one from control panel in add-remove programs)

This should allow your computer to detect COMMAND.COM but if it prompts you, tell it it's at A:\COMMAND.COM

You should then probably either use:

sys c: (if you have data on c:)
or preferably
format c: /s (if you can backup stuff this will allow you to start over with a clean system)

Then just insert your windows CD and reinstall windows 98.  The CD-ROM drivers required are automatically loaded with a windows 9x boot disk.
Ladyleo, follow Pslh's advice here. All you need to do is replace your boot files.

When you formatted the drive (or deleted everything as you say) you should have used the /S switch to copy the system files back to the hard drive. As an example, boot to the Win98 floppy disk.

At the dos prompt, type: FORMAT C:/S and touch enter. Now the drive will be bootable!

by the way
if u have the original 98cd rom it starts booting by it's self
just insert it into the drive and change the boot sequence in your cmos to cdrom,c,a
then it'll do the rest ....
by the way does any body knows what the (zgldc.exe) does exactly in win98 ?
i do have that error message appearing all the time ..
Use your system disk and start the system on that and then enter the cd.
Usually D: or E: and write Install+Enter and follow the instructions.

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hello does any one know what that ( zgldc.exe ) file do ? ?
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