Deleteing from some tables....

I have made a simple database containing two tables, one is the master of the other.

The first one is a table of files. The second is a table of discs that these files are stored on.

Files.db and Discs.db.

I have a query for showing this in a TDBGrid with the SQL below:

Select Files.FileName, Discs.Label from Files, Discs
  where Files.Disc = Discs.ID
order by Files.FileName, Discs.Label

This query has an UpdateSQL connected to it.

I also have a separate Query for the discs with the following SQL:

Select ID, Label from Discs

This query is just for showing a list of the discs in a separate TDBGrid.

Now I want to be able to select a disc from the disc-grid and have my program to delete that disc from the database including all of its detail files. For this I have yet another query, the EraserQuery. Here's the SQL for that one:

Delete from Files
  where Disc = :CurrentDisc

"CurrentDisc" is defined below, it is for the program to know which disc the user has selected. -

procedure TModules.DiscQueryBeforeDelete(DataSet: TDataSet);
  EraserQuery.ParamByName('CurrentDisc').AsInteger := Discs.FieldByName('ID').AsInteger;

This works fine with the deletion and all, but it doesn't update the first query, the one showing all files and which disc they're on. It updates the tables and I have to restart my program for it to get updated. What can I do to fix this? Is there a better way deleting detailrecords?


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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi zif,

recordnumber is not on all databases properly filled,
also it is not properly filled, if not all records are fetched.

if zif suggestion will not work,
then save a unique fieldvalue into a var and
after open the query do a locate with it

does a close and reopen of the first query not solve the problem without starting the whole app?
A Refresh should normally do fine.

(Question: Is the query updated when you move a record in the first table and then move back to the record)
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sagerydAuthor Commented:
It works when i close and re-open the first query, but then I lose the selection the use might have. Is there another way? Refresh doesn't work.

Hi sageryd,

perhaps bookmarking it, before closing? (don't know if this works)

Or, get the recordnumber  (thus position of record)

and then after closing do a  

query.First (not needed I think)
query.MoveBy(recordnumber) ?

sagerydAuthor Commented:
well, ok thanx! I guess Meikl should get the points as he was the first to give an answer.

Thanks again!


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