FREE High Speed Internet / Overclock Modem

Does anyone know of where u can get 0800 no. (free phone) internet access which is FAST - ie. ISDN speed or similar?

Or OVERCLOCK a normal 56K Modem?? Is it possible? any one tried it?
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compmaniaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is some stuff to check:
Overclocking a 56K modem is not possible.  There is only so much bandwidth available on a POTS line, and we are on the verge of maximizing the amount of data that can be compressed within that range.  I predict that "normal" modems will soon be replaced with faster alternatives as the "need for speed" increases.

As for fast dialup access, you are still limited to the speed of the modem by which you are using to dial into the ISP, even if the ISP has a huge (T1) pipeline on their end.  You're fastest connection is only as fast as the slowest link.

my 2 cents,
For free Internet access try this:

You can try a dual modem setup for a faster connection.
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simonprrAuthor Commented:
is a UK ISP? (i'm in the UK by the way).

How does a dual modem setup work? Can you connect 2 modems to the same phone line??
For dual you use 2 56k modems, a program to use both, 2 phone lines, and ISP that supports it and you will be able to get 112k.

Not sure if netzero has access numbers in the UK.

If you want the program I found it at a long time ago.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
whats the program called?
which isps support both?
Don't remember, look in the modem section. You have to check with ISP's to see if they support dual.
Also check at and for free internet. (they might have UK support)
the only site I know of the gives really fast connections if and you have to have a dsl modem to do that. I am not sure if it is in the UK or not but you could give it a try.
Umm, they won't start until April, you have to have DSL support in your area, a DSL modem, Ethernet card, and you will have to live with lots of banner adds.

          The only one I have heard of is for free Internet service in the UK, you may also want to check out for other free internet and free stuff in general

I hope I was of some help...

Do you know if Earthlink is out there?
I found a place on how to dual set modems up if you want to know...
simonprrAuthor Commented:
Freeserve provided free internet access, but not freephone access. has some quite good sites though.
simonprrAuthor Commented:

Yes, please post how to setup dual modems. Thanks.
Oh, I guess it will also work if you have 2 internet connections...

There are two ways to do it.

One uses Diamond's Shotgun technology. Shotgun
was a propriety technology that required a
shotgun compatible ISP. One or two of our
correspondents use Shotgun, but they didn't
seem terribly happy with it. Maybe that's why
Diamond doesn't seem to be selling shotgun
anymore. Ramp Networks makes a dual-modem box
for SOHO's called WebRamp. that does the same
thing using standard modem bonding technology.

You're probably best of using Windows 9x's
built-in multilink capability. Here's what you
need: two modems (they don't have to be the
same make), two phone lines, and a cooperative

Todd writes: "Your ISP's equipment must be
configured to correctly support this so that
when you log in the second time, it doesn't
give you a second IP address -- it will simply
bond your second connection with the first in
their modem chassis (I am a former network
engineer for an ISP so I have seen it work from
both sides.)"

Your ISP will likely charge you more for this
capability - anything ranging from $4/month to
$20/month. At least two national ISP's support
multilinking. Netcom charges $10 per month.
Earthlink also offers multilink connections.

To setup a multilink connection in Windows 98
right click on your dial-up networking
connection, select Properties, click on the
Multilink tab and click the Use Additional
Devices tab. Add your second modem to the list
and you're done.

Keith uses four modems simultanteously using
software from Midpoint.

Got this from Call for help on ZDTV.

Hope that helps.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
I currently use BT (British Telecom) as my ISP. Do you think they would be able to support this?

So in theory would this give me 112K speed from two 56K modems?
Yes (in theory) I don't know if they would you will have to check the website or call them and ask.
I guess you can also have 2 ISP's and do it but I don't know for sure.
Here is a site for free internet access in the UK....
Check this website: or email your questions to:
Hope this helps!

All the info is there.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for posting answers!

*** I'm now just looking for info on speeding up my internet access. ****

I've signed up for a free isp and I'm going to stick with it.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
yep cheers everyone.
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