Leaving mail on server

I use Outlook on a WINNT 4 machine.  I close the client when I leave the office, but it still receives mail while I'm away causing me to not get my internet mail from the web server from home.  Any ideas?
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Can you explain a little further on the last bit please
lwentAuthor Commented:
Basically, I shut down my Outlook client on my work PC when I leave for the evening/weekend.  I log into our company web page to enter the internet mail server on my pc at home.  There are no messages there because they are still being delivered to my work pc (even though the client is closed). I have an inhouse address and an internet address both delivered to the work pc.  But with the client closed, shouldn't those internet messages still be on the server?
If I understand it right that is what exchange server is supposed to do.  Do you have internet mail setup at work?  I mean have you got your own smtp address at work?

How about setting a forward up in Exchange administrator or Outlook to forward home when they do arrive
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After you close Outlook is the MAPISP32 process still running? There might be something on the machine that keeps the Outlook or MAPI spooler process to keep running (and retrieving mail).

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lwentAuthor Commented:
Yes, the MAPISP32 is still showing under processes in the task list.  Outlook.exe is still showing as a process also.
Do you have anything on the machine that could be causing that on purpose (like a fax module or PDA sync program)?
lwentAuthor Commented:
Nope.  Could it be a setting in Outlook? or a registry setting?  We are pretty stumped here on this one.
Try creating a fresh profile here to see if it's damaged:
Control Panel > Mail applet
Are you using the offline mail folders feature.  I suspect that this is causing the problem.  It may be keeping in sync even when the client is shutdown.  Try turning this feature off.
lwentAuthor Commented:
I am not using offline mail folders, but I did try VinceA's suggestion and created a new profile.  The problem seems to be resolved for the time being, so I'm giving him the credit for the answer instead of leaving this open forever.  Thanks for your comments.
lwentAuthor Commented:
Thanks, and I'll repost question after I have more time to test your theory!
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