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When I boot up my computer and it gets to the desktop, every so often it becomes idle when I try to open up a program.  The computer does not freeze, it is as if it is in screen saver mode. When it happens, I can reset or wait one minute.  If I wait one minute, the only differrence is that when I press ctrl+alt+del, it shows that explorer is not responding.  I am thinking about reinstaling win98 over it but I do not know if It will cause harm because I have internet explorer 5.0
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ViRoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
get tweak ui and run the "rebuild system files" in the systems tab.
also try rebooting to msdos mode and type this "scanreg /fix"
that will check the registry for any errors
or use SFC (if you're using Win98) and restore explorer.exe
Does this PC have a network card installed?

What drives are listed in My Computer?
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This is most likey a setting with power managment. If the computer sets idle and it is set to go into standby mose after 20 minutes, this may be causing the problem. To check this, go into control panel and look inder power managment settings. Change everything to "Never". Let me know if that solves the problem.
xtarheelAuthor Commented:
My power managements were already set to never.  I tried the scanreg fix so all I can so now is sit and wait to see if it worked.  Also, where can I get tweak ui from and what is SFC, where can I get it  and how do I use it to restore explorer.exe
reinstall win98 should not bother IE5
to run SFC go to startmenu/run and type SFC
to get tweak go to win98 cd under powertools and install ( right click on inf and select install )
   SFC is System File Checker and should already be on your system.  Just click Start - Run - type in SFC - and hit OK.

     TweakUI takes a bit more doing.  Put your WIN98 CD-ROM in, Browse, and navigate to \TOOLS\RESKIT\POWERTOY and right-click TWEAKUP.INF then after it finishes, Start-Settings-Control Panel, and click on Tweak UI.

     Reskit has other interesting stuff.  You may find useful.

That's TWEAKUI not TWEAKUP -- eyetooth got in the way and I couldn't see what I was saying.
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