hi all
I have a PC on the network..
There is a computer called SIRUS( which has the modem and is used to make a dial up conection for using the INTERNET..

The PC i work on is a Work-station called computer-05..

I hhave a FTP program nut it works on SIRUS but when i run it from COMPUTER-05..it does not work..

Some proxy problem /..

I am pasting the code here..
Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error GoTo err

Dim aData As String
status.Caption = "Connecting...."
With Inet1
        .Protocol = icFTP
        .URL = ""
        .UserName = "N0020"
        .Password = "9op0m1q"
        .Proxy = ""
        .AccessType = icNamedProxy
    End With
    status.Caption = "Connected..."
    direct = Replace(Format(Date, "mmmm-dd-yyyy"), "-", "")
    MsgBox (direct)
    Inet1.Execute , "Dir /nibis/n0005/" & direct & ""
    Do While Inet1.StillExecuting: DoEvents: Loop

    GetData aData

Exit Sub
    MsgBox ("Error" & err.Description)
End Sub
Please help ASAP
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Is your proxy blocking ports?
Since a ftp action requires 2 ports
21 (to server) and a port > 1024 to recieve the data on your local machine

Check if that's possible
khacharnAuthor Commented:
I am noit getting you you are trying to explaiin..
I have configured my pc(computer-05) with proxy settings..and i am able to browse to NET from my Computer..but am not able to run the ftp program..
Ftp is a totaly different kind of prototcol than HTTP (web).
Proxy works trough a port (8080 or something) FTP works through 2 ports (21 and another random)
These are IP ports not web ports, they are a part of your IP protocol
So if you have a Proxy wich doesn't support FTP transfer's you can forget this (test it by using another FTP program). If it does support it there are limitation to wich port's can be used to set up the data transfer (port 21 is the command port and the other the data port) So you will have to check wich port's are blocked and wich are ok to use.
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Next time replace your Host Ip and username and Pwd from your comments, everyone can now enter that server.
it's really working... :-))

What is really working? FTP trough the proxy with another program?
khacharnAuthor Commented:
One more question..
Where can i set the properties of the Ftp..
On your Proxy server, or nower.

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khacharnAuthor Commented:
Thanx for all the help
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