Progress Vs. Oracle


Somebody has a comparison between Oracle And Progress ?

Any place or Idea where I can find it ?

Thanks in advance !
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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
The paper at the link provided by sbenyo only discusses "Oracle8i Appliance", not a typical Oracle deployment.

Can you give us some more details about your situation?  Are you considering building an application from scratch?  Are you considering buying a package that can run on either Oracle or Progress?  Do you have experience with one or the other?  What kind of use do you plan for this application (number of users, OLTP or data warehouse, operating system, etc.)?
aqmAuthor Commented:
This is the situation ....

A company needs to decide between Oracle and Progress, I'm Oracle DBA, but I don't know nothing about progress ....I need to know things about/pro Progress...
The environment for the applications is ...
OLTP, 50 users, Windows NT.

Thanks in advance ...
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I can't help you because I don't know anything about progress either, but you can try contacting the company providing progress and ask for all the availiable papers they have about their database.

As a dba you should have the ability to compare what the two products can offer and who's the most suitable for your needs.

The company may also provide you links to comparsions between progress and other databases if they think their product is better...

Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
At least 99% of my database experience in the last six years has been Oracle.  I did some work though as an Oracle DBA consultant in a shop that was running a large Progress application on Oracle.  I was not impressed by what I saw of Progress there.

Oracle is the industry leader for a reason - they make a very good database product with excellent performance, reliability and availability features.  Yes, Oracle does require a DBA.  Maybe Progress can be run without an in-house DBA, but I'm not sure its features match Oracle's.
You can get a pretty detailed look at how the products compare by reading the Conversion Guides and white papers  mentioned on this page: <>.

As an aside, Oracle can also run without a DBA.  For proof, download my LAOS white paper from <>.

The LAOS approach was used to excellent effect by ADP Payroll Services for their NT product that runs on Oracle -- no DBA required.

Such comparisons you suppose to find at
informatoring companies such as gartner group and metagroup site in correlations are:
Wish you all luck you need for this one.
aqmAuthor Commented:
This help me....

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