Does my motherboard have a USB controller?

My PC has a SOYO 5VA2 motherboard which I bought about 2-3 years ago.
In its manual, it says that it supports USB, with the word (optional).
In its BIOS setup, it has an option that says: USB controller -> Disabled / Enabled.
Does it actually have a USB controller?
P.S. The PC doesn't have a USB connector on the box. Please don't tell me to open and check...., I just want to know if somebody has experience with this type and model, and knows FOR SURE if it has or not.
If it doesn't have, howmuch (approx.) a USB hardware card costs?
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Well if you don't have the plug on the outside then if you take it to where you bought it they might have a cable for it (your MB supports it)

The card is the way I would go, it is about $40 where I am.

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user1000Author Commented:
>> Well if you don't have the plug on the outside then if you take it to where you bought it they might have a cable for it...

Well, does that mean that there is a USB controller on the motherboard, and I just need a cable and a connector? or what?

>>(your MB supports it)
This somewhat confuses me. What really this means? Does it have a USB or not?

P.S. Unfortunately, the store from where I got the PC does no more exist (closed).
If you know the manuf. you can try going to there website and e-mail them, they might have some (check your manual). Your MB supports USB, the controller is onboard (because it is listed in your BIOS) you just need the cable to connect to the MB.
Most motherboards don't come with the plug. If you can't find the manuf. site just buy a USB card.
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>>(your MB supports it)
> What really this means?

If your computer has USB hardware, the M(other)B(oard) will support it.
If your computer has no USB hardware, then you cannot use USB.

Older MB did not support USB; so, even if you did install USB hardware, you still would not be able to use USB.

> Does it have a USB or not?

Maybe.  Open it up, and take a look.
If it lists it in the BIOS then user1000 has it (unless it is grayed out) and just doesn't have the plug.
user1000Author Commented:
Thank you for your comment.
I already contacted the manufacturere, but these people don't care even to reply to the e-mail.
From your comment, I understand that if the BIOS has an option that says 'USB controller: enable/disable', then I HAVE a USB controller onboard. Thus I only need the cable and the connector; right? , or may be this option is to be used when adding a USB card (in a slot)?

Thank you for your comment.
What I really meant, is about the word *supports*. Does it mean that the motherboard has a USB controller onboard or just it has the capability to cooperate with a USB card added (in a slot on the motherboard)?

Thanks to all of you.
user1000Author Commented:
Sorry, I posted my comment when your last comment wasn't there.
No, the option is not grayed. It works. So, this means that I have the hardware; right? I just need the cable and the connector; right?
user1000Author Commented:
Thank for the help.
The option is not grayed. It works. So, this means that I have the hardware; right? I just need the cable and the connector; right?
Yes, I have never tried different cables for USB onboard, if it is anything like PS/2 then you will have to buy a card if the manuf. doesn't respond. Maybe Otta knows if you can get any kind of USB onboard cable (from a computer shop) and use it.
user1000Author Commented:
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