post recompile module problems

ok, i recompiled my kernel.. ran make modules and make modules_install

no errors

now when i boot up or run depmod  i get a bunch of errors about unsolved or whatever symbols.... and then it lists the module.. but they are all mods that i don't use and didn't include in my kernel... it doesn't seem to effect anything, but it is annoying and i like my computer to be problem free

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jyu_88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
cd /usr/src/linux
make clean
make Xconfig
make bzImage
cp /boot/
cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.15-4
make modules
move /lib/modules/2.2.15 /lib/modules/2.2.15.old
mkdir /lib/modules/2.2.15
make modules_install
cd /boot
ln -sf
# edit your lilo.conf to reflect new kernel image
vi /etc/lilo.conf
# dry run lilo
/sbin/lilo -t -v
# run lilo for real, if no error above
/sbin/lilo -v
init 6

If problem sticks, post the following here:
1. cat /etc/conf.modules
2. depmod -a
3. errors from the boot up.
did you move the systemmap from /usr/src/linux to /boot and make proper link to it?
mv /usr/src/linux/Systemmap /boot/Systemmap-2.2.15
cd /boot
ln -s Systemmap-2.2.15 Systemmap
djtanseyAuthor Commented:
systemmap == vmlinuz ?
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   No!  systemmap is not vmlinuz.  The file is located in the root of the kernel source tree. (/usr/src/linux). And the file name is :

   If you checked the /boot directory, the current is a symbolic link to  You can safely delete the file and copy the one from /usr/src/linux (after the compilation).

   cp /usr/src/linux/ /boot/

   In this case the old will be around in case there is any problem with the newly compiled kernel.

   The old modules directory is safe to be removed.  (I tend to rm -rf /usr/lib/modules/xx.xx.xx <-- kernel version before I did a make modules and make modules_install.  Just to make sure that the old modules is not around.  Renaming it is a better option though).

good luck,

djtanseyAuthor Commented:
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djtanseyAuthor Commented:
nope.. did all of that and then it still did not work.. here, do this for me.. write out the steps i should take when compiling and after compiling.. i  saved the configuration... no problem to compile again... (e.g




The last one from jyu_88 will also do it, but it would suffice to remove all old modules from /lib/modules/2.2.15/*/

Just clean out /lib/modules/2.2.15/ completely and do a make modules_install again, followed by a "depmod -a".
djtanseyAuthor Commented:
ok.. that last answer almost worked.. but there is still one module that gives me the same error... can i just delete it.. it was built by make modules_install...

what causes the error anyway?

if you post the exact error for unresolved symbols, folks can tell which is misunderstood by the kernel module utilties, it should be able to deal with by establish alias in /etc/conf.modules most of the times if you didn't really leave out something for the module.

The way I guess is the modutiles packages are ready for the kernel it is shipped together with and maybe some reasonable bug fix, but may not be ready for every changes made to the latest kernel.
The error is caused by the fact that some symbols your old modules ask for are no longer present in your new kernel. That's what unresolved means.

Don't delete that last annoying module just yet. Which module is it? Can you tell us how you configured he kernel for this module? Seeing the relevant settings for this module from /usr/src/linux/.config would be nice.
djtanseyAuthor Commented:

i don't know what it does, so i can't find it in .config...      
Never heard of it.

As a practical solution try loading all (top) modules one at a time using modprobe, and find out if it gets loaded as a dependency at sometime. If not, move it to somewhere safe and wait for some trouble starting to happen (or not).
Wait, one more thought.

Look at a listing of /usr/src/linux/modules. It contains symlinks to all your modules in the kernel source tree. If you can't find it there I think you can safely move it out of /lib/modules/... and see what happens. Else follow the link and it will give you an idea what it is for.
djtanseyAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot man... i finally found what i needed in my kernel, and when i recompompiled (about the 5th time) it worked perfectly! Thanks a ton

now my computer boots in 25 second :)

That is pretty good for a 266 PII... 64 mb of ram... (that is from LILO to Login:)

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