How to open any program in your own application


I was looking for a VB code where for example I have a simple 'Form1' and I want another application, lets take for example Calculator [calc.exe] to run in the 'Form1' NOT seperately.

I would appreciate your reply.
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avitalkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean that you want it to run, for example, inside a container in your form  ?

soheilAuthor Commented:
Yes like running it in 'Frame1' or without a frame.
Hi if you have the code for that program I'd like to take a look at it
here's my email address

well, first - you marked this question as answered...  and I don't really have an answer for you, I was just asking... cause I ddn't exactly understand you. ( so you gave me point I don't deserve... )

as for the question itself, I know that some programs provide such interface for VB ( for example - MS Word ).
but I don't know of any generic control/container (or whatever) that allows you to do that.

I'm sorry for the confusion.
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