Remove D: and Make C: larger?

I just purchased a computer with a 10GB hard drive.  It came loaded with Win98 and C: has 7.5GB with the rest as System_Save on D:.  A program that I need to load for business purposes has problems if there is a D: drive and the installer says I should allocate all of the 10GB to drive C:.  Is there an easy way to remove D: and make C: larger without having to reformat?
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Yes there is Overthere, I prefer using a program called Partition Magic 5.0

All you have to do if you have this program is open it up, it will show you the capacity of you C: and your D: on a bar graph. Just right click on D: and click on delete. You can then resize your C: to the full capacity of your hard disk. After this just apply the changes, partition magic will then reboot your computer into DOS and perform these two operations (deleting the partion and resizing it).

However Partition Magic isn't free, it is worth buying however :-)

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
(1) Make a startup floppy of Win98 from control panel, add/Remove programs, startup disk.
(2) Backup all of important data of drive D to a safe place or removable disk.
(3) Clean up all the *.tmp files from the temp directory and clean up all the internet temporary files in the C:\windows\Temporary Internet files.
      Inspect all of your programs and change the default directory from D drive to C drive.
      Change the swap file, if any, from D drive to C drive.
      If you have programs installed in the D drive. Uninstall it.
(4) Go to the command mode, at the c:\> prompt, type scandisk and press enter.
(5) Start the computer using the startup floppy, at the A:\> prompt, type Fdisk.
      Answer yes to support large drive.
      Then select 4 to view the existing partitions. Then select 3 to delete the logical partitions of D drive and then delete the extended partitions. Then delete the primary partitions.
      After that, select 4 to view that there is no partitions.
      Select 1 to create the primary partitions and select 100% to use 10Gb as one partition as C drive.
      Exit fdisk and press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart the computer.
      Boot to command mode and checking the C drive.
      Remember, don't format the hard disk.
      Restart to windows normal desktop.

Let me know how you made it out.
However, there is a query about why your business program only allow one hard disk in the system. Is there such a necessity to delete the D drive?        pslh
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Overthere, if you are considering my suggestion, please take note.
(1) Don't delete or detree any directories nor files in D drive.
(2) Using Fdisk and take down the existing partition size of primary, extended and logical partitions before deletion of the partitions.
In case, you may need to recover D drive, these data can be put back in Fdisk and save back your original D drive (assuming it is only a data hard disk and not a system hard disk).
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I am very interested if pslh's suggestion will work. I would have thought you'd loose your C:\drive this way. (I comprehend the theori, that if you do not format, then the data is still there)
I know in Windows NT there is a registry key that can be set to 'hide' a drive from the user.

I don't know if such a key works in 98, maybe another expert could clear this up (and possibly tell you the key as I can't remeber it off hand).

Maybe that might work.
OverthereAuthor Commented:
I followed the steps above given by pslh and when I rebooted the error message "Missing Operating System" appears.  I tried to reboot to the floppy to see the C: drive and it gave me the Abort, Retry, Ignore error.  I had a QuickRestore CD that reloaded the system to its original state (minus a few things).  I also ran into the problem of the manufacturer not sending an original Win98 CD with the system.  The only version I have is on the restore CD so it looks like I can't even re-partition and re-format to load Win98.  The QuickRestore CD partitions the drive to the original without asking for any input!
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
<<when I rebooted the error message "Missing Operating System" appears.  I tried to reboot to the floppy to see the C: drive and it gave me the Abort, Retry, Ignore error.  >>
You need to boot up with the startup floppy. Then transfer the system command again to the C drive. At A:\> prompt, type sys c: and press enter.
It looks like this: -
A:\>sys c:

Now, Overthere may I know your drive is now restored to 2 hard disks with Win98 in the computer or not. If yes, please try to search the directory of your C:\windows. Most of the OEM will put the Win98 setup programs in the directory C:\windows\options. Or use Find to find out Win98*.cab so to check out.

Please tell more about your system.     pslh  
This is a link to a shareware partition manager.
FAQ states that it can do what you wants.
Good luck
sorry to say, but you should have listened to the first comment.  Partition magic is best solution for this problem.  Yes I cost a few bucks, but it will save you troubles of losing information and still being in the exact same situation.  
OverthereAuthor Commented:
I guess I'll have to spring for the software.  Not really a problem, especially if it will get me what I want.  I do have another question... will Partition Magic allow me to create a disk image after I have partitioned and got the drive right where I want it, or do I have to buy yet another software package to accomplish this?  Thanks for your input!
Overthere, I'm sorry to say that you will have to buy another piece of software for creating a disk image. One of the best is Disk Image Pro, it is made by the same people who make Partition Magic 5.0
OverthereAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!  I'll be placing an order soon.
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