no file sharing shows on win95

i am trying to network a new win98 system with an older win95 system.  the network cards are fine, the tcp/ip stuff is fine, but on the win95 system when  i click on control panel, and then network, the button for file and print sharing is shaded over so i cant click on it.  please help me get this network set up so i can print from the older computer to the new one, and share some files.

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cdesignerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Control panel-> network
press button "File and printer  sharing"
If you'r network card and tcp/ip is fine try checking if you have selected client for microsoft network under add client options in your network configuration in the control panel. If you don't select this option then you may not be able to share the file and printer.
read this question again then change your answer to a comment so the question will be unlocked...
the button for file and print sharing is shaded over so i cant click on it
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which components you see in network propertes?
did you install netbeui protocol ?
lincoln33Author Commented:
i dont have client for microsoft network, net beui, network properties is shaded,and i still cant do anything!!
lincoln33Author Commented:
i have no clue how to install net beui or anything, please help!
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