Digital HiNote CT475 lap top drivers

I just need drivers for this lap top
and if posible a bios upgrade
I have windows 95
please tell were can I download what I need.
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AlldigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can find bios upgrades at
and for your other drivers you can also look at
jamayAuthor Commented:
I was at this web site beafore I posted this question.
the drivers in this web site are for windows 3.1, they didn't work with windows 95
I don't now why they posted the drivers as for windows 95 when they are really for win 3.1
I'm looking for real win95 drivers
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ok ... but there is a bios upgrade.

Which drivers do you need ?
Did you install Win 95 ?
Which version ? osr2 ?
Control panel / system : peripherals not recognized ( yellow !) -> make me a list.
Sometimes you can use generic driver : display = lcd display, video chipset = s3

My opinion : Try to install win98, because Win98 support more peripherals than Win95 Osr2.
Jamay, read all of this and it should help.  The file you need is at the end of this.


Windows 95 Optimization Kit for Digital HiNote Notebook PCs
Digital has released a Windows 95 optimization kit that lets Digital HiNote and Digital HiNote Ultra notebook users take full advantage of Windows 95. The Windows 95 Optimization Kit uses the field upgrade capability of the HiNote and HiNote Ultra systems to enhance the hardware BIOS using Flash BIOS.

Notebook users who upgrade can take advantage of the Plug-and-Play and Advanced Power Management features built into Windows 95. The optimization kit will improve battery life and minimize resource conflicts during Windows 95 installation. HiNote Ultra users who use the multimedia module and plan to upgrade their systems with Windows 95 must install the optimization kit at the same time to ensure multimedia compatibility with Windows 95

The Optimization Kit for HiNote and HiNote Ultra notebook computers contains:

BIOS update diskette

Windows 95 Mobile Media Module Driver diskette (does not include Windows 95 software)

Digital setup program (adjusts certain parameters to optimize notebook-specific functionality)

Installation guide (with instructions and Windows 95 tips; also includes information regarding the use of Windows 95 on notebooks)

Notebooks now being manufactured by Digital are thoroughly tested and approved by Microsoft for total Windows 95 compatibility. The optimization kit provides that same level of compatibility for systems in the reseller channel and those that are in the hands of users. Digital users who purchased HiNote or HiNote Ultra systems in the US, Canada, and some European countries after July 1, 1995, are eligible to receive a coupon good for a free Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade Kit and the Windows 95 Optimization Kit, which will be shipped together. A faxed copy of the coupon is available from Digital at 1-800-388-3228. Ask for document number 1195. In Europe, contact a reseller.
The setup portion of the driver diskette and the 60-page installation guide are available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Check the language desired on the coupon.

The contents of the optimization kit, not including Windows 95 software, are also available electronically through CompuServe's DECPCI, the Digital PC Business Unit Bulletin Board Service at (508) 496-8800, and the Digital PC World Wide Web home page under the Software Library. The filename is UGP7W95A.EXE. Physical media, part number QB-4UKAA-SA, is available from all Digital Authorized Resellers or by calling 1-800-722-9332.

The file you need to download (UGP7W95A.EXE) is located at
jamayAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 300
jamayAuthor Commented:
as I said,
I was at this web site beafore
and the file UGP7W95.EXE comtains an older bios update than the one I have.
and the setup programs either.
I didn't tryed windows98 because
because I only have 12 meg ram and
510 meg HHD.
I don't have cd-rom but I have win98 in floppys
"I have Win98 in floppys" -> it must be Win 95 osr1

-You have a very old win9x version ...
-12 Mo !!! You need more memory ...
-> 24 Mo or 32 Mo ... ( more with a "old" processor - 486DX4-100.. )

-With a Win95 old version, you have old drivers... bad support for all peripherals ...

jamayAuthor Commented:
I instaled win98 and had conflict with the video card in divece manager:
inpout/output 2DF0-2DF1 used by:
alias of standard IDE/ESDI hard disk controller.
I tried to change setings in the resorce tab but I had the message:
this resource setting can not be modified:
the same problem than win95 but in win95 I didn't get that message

I have this laptop and you have to get them by following the link...


Then search that kbase their it seems to be the last link compaq has to old digital stuff.

Also try FTP://

That is the old digital FTP server and it's still up.
I also found dead ends with the suggested links.

I e-mailed Compaq and received a zipped file that contains the drivers and utilities to support Cardinfo.

Compaq was very helpful, but the laptop remains inoperatable because the drivers cannot find the card socket during installation.

jamayAuthor Commented:
the best solution I found is trow it to the floor, jump on it and dispose it,
or just live with windows 3.X or DOS
jamayAuthor Commented:
sorry for my coment but I got tired of it
jamayAuthor Commented:
I don't have the lap top any more but I will accept this answer,
if your friend wants to
sell you one of this lap top, stay away
Should have deleted the question
jamayAuthor Commented:
Because the question was not answered.  That is why we are here and it allows a data base for others to see what the problem is and the fix.  The fix is not in this thread.  Thanks for your reply.

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