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Hi guys..........
I have three frames, I want to update the contents of two of the frames,
only when I click a submit buton in one of the frames.
The frame that has the button also has a text entry box, I would like to reset this after submission......
Frame1 has a button and a text box.
Frame2 is empty
Frame3 is empty.
When I click the button in Frame1, I want the contents of the text box aimed at a page in Frame2 AND another page loaded into Frame3 and the contents of the text box
to be reset.
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estraussConnect With a Mentor Commented:
   Well, it is actually fairly straightforward, but Javascript, like all computer languages, is pretty picky about syntax so it may not be obvious.

in the <head> region of your page you need to have a javascript function. In the body you have your form and the form calls the function. To fill in a few more details the page looks as shown below. Note that anything on a line preceded by a "//" is a comment in Javascript and I assume that this is written in a frame1 which will be displayed along with frames 2 & 3. There would also be a "parent" page which calls all three frames. It would be possible to set it up other ways.
<Script Language="JavaScript"> //This tells the computer that you are starting a script
  function dothis(form)//starts a function and tells it the input is going to come from a specific form.
  { //defines the beging of the actual commands of the fucntion
parent.nameofframe2.writeln(form.textboxname.value); //"parent.nameofframe2.writeln" specifies that it should write into frame2", "form.textboxname.value" is whatever is in the textbox
parent.nameofframe3.location.href=""; //"parent.nameofframe3.location.href=" specifies that it should open the location given in frame3, "" is my page. replace it with the URL you want.
form.textboxname.value=""; //This makes the text in the textbox '""' or blank.
  } //end of this function
</Script> //end of all scripts
<input type=textarea name="textboxname"><input type="button" value="push me now!" onclick="dothis(this.form);//this calls the function above and tells it to use the values from this form">

I hope that this helps. Setting up something with a bunch of frames is confusing. I don't think that there is a way to do what you want without Javascript or something else which would be even more complex. I think what I have given you above should get you started, but be very careful about the placement of parenthases and quotes!
I think a Javascript as follows will do what you want.

function accomplishthis(form)
<html><form> etc.

<input type="button" value="push me now!" onclick="accomplishthis(this.form)">
rickyrAuthor Commented:
Please describe whats going on, I don't know javascript.
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rickyrAuthor Commented:
Can I move the goal posts slightly?
My text box now gets reset! Fine.
I would now like to pass its contents on to another cgi and display the results of that in frame2. In other words, How do I define an ACTION
for (leaving fframe2 as the target?
Thanks for bearing with me.
I don't know how to deal with the cgi end of things. I assume that you can target the output of the cgi to a specific frame. An option using javascript would be to recieve the results of the cgi and assign them to a variable and then write that variable to the new frame. So it would looks something like:

var text=resultsofthecgi

I don't know if that helps or not. Good Luck!

rickyrAuthor Commented:
You do not need to know anything about CGI. You know (in conventional html forms) how you can say
<FORM TARGET=myframename ACTION=my.cgi>
<INPUT> etc.........
I need to be able to specify an action in the form you supply.
In other words I want to direct the submission of the button we speak of to another web page......also........
I noticed that while my text box is reset, I'm actually getting a javascript error and nothing happens.
Sorry Ricky,
I think you have wandered out of my area of expetise :-( Do you have these pages up on the web somewhere? If you do, I could take a look and see what I can figure out, but I am not sure if I will get anywhere.
rickyrAuthor Commented:
Works a treat!
Thanks Ethan.
Incidently how can I get the page to refresh itself
using ALL the existing cgi params that called it in the first place, I tried this with a...
http-equiv=refresh in the <Meta> tag. but this constantly refreshes itself over and over again, I just want this to occur once only.
You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I've graded you anyway, just after a freebee.
Thanks very much for all your help.
I believe you can add


to the end of the javascript.

I have never used this, but I think it ought to work.
rickyrAuthor Commented:
The page I want refreshed after clicking on its links is not a form, has no scripts, In fact it  I actually want to go back and do a submit on the first frame after I have clicked on the href on frame2.
How can I push another frames button by clicking a href elsewhere
rickyrAuthor Commented:
How do I tell a web page that it must ALLWAYS go into a frame called "reply" of window called "view" regardless of the TARGET of the calling form.
rickyrAuthor Commented:
The popup works (it submits on change)  but the go button gives a javascript error, help.....

<title>Assign to Team: AnyMedia web page</title>
<script language="javascript">;
function accomplishthis(form)
<Body bgcolor=#EE9910>
<form name=myform method="GET" action="/assign/find" target="main2">
Search for Advert
<input type="button" value="Go!" onclick="accomplishthis(this.form)">
<SELECT NAME=Team_Name onchange="document.myform.submit();">
<OPTION VALUE="roysteam">roysteam
<OPTION VALUE="Team One Gothenburg">Team One Gothenburg
<OPTION VALUE="Team One Stockholm">Team One Stockholm
<OPTION VALUE="Team Two Gothenburg">Team Two Gothenburg
<OPTION VALUE="Team Two Stockholm">Team Two Stockholm
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=TASK VALUE="assign">
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