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Adaptect2940UW + HP scanjet 4p = problem:)

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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I installed a apaptect2940uw , on that I have 3 cddrives scsi2 and one UW harddisk...al that is working properly, until I decided to connect my hp scanjet4p to the external scsi input. The scsi card detects the hpscanner, but, it hangs after it found al the devices, normally it would then continue with; "BIOS  Successfully installed" and then boot windows, but that is not happening...it just stops. I tried different settings in the bios...but nothing seems to work...does anyone have an idea what this could be ? or could anyone that has also the same devices wich bios settings you use to make it work ? ...:)

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- Have you checked to make sure that the SCSI ID'd are not conflicting?

- Have you checked to make sure that you have proper termination?

I think it is most likely a termination problem.

Go to Adaptec website and get the proper termination info for your card.


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Cable Length Issue, if you ask me.  I had problems just like this with two other systems.  Though Termination is a definite possibility.

Is the scanner switched on before the PC?

I have seen this type of problem with other systems, mainly desktops.

Is the scanner switched on before the PC?

I have seen this type of problem with other systems, mainly desktops.

If you have an Adaptec host adapter with auto-termination (2940UW, 2940UW Mac, 3940UW, 3940UW Mac, 3940UWD, 3944UWD) it should be left in its default state, Automatic. But Caution: Do not connect SCSI devices to all three connectors of an AHA-2940W or AHA-2940UW. You cannot mixing devices on this cards.


That is true...(you cannot use wide-68pin ,ultra-50pin and the external connector at the same time) but...I also have an external connector on my internal wide cable...On that cable are 3 connectors ,2 for harddisk drives, or other 68pin wide devices, from wich is already one used (quantum 10k) and the third is an external , just like the one that is mounted to the back of the 2940...and when I connect the scanner to that one, I get the same result as when I connect it to the 'real' external one (2940 detects scanner...but does not go on after he found all devices)

I guess you have confirmed that there are no SCSI ID conflicts? and that you have proper termination?

Maybe one of your internal SCSI HD has Termination set on it?

Have you tried to remove some devices from your SCI Chain? it melp to narrow down which devices are conflicting.

Can you do a ctrl+A in order to verify the SCSI ID's?

I have a SCSI 2940AU card and have had a termination problem when I attached my Scanner too.



well paulof,

I can do ctrl+a ...and there are no problems with conflicting id's...(every device gets his own id properly) the termination...that *could* be a problem...I told that I put the scanner on the 'external' connector from the internal 68-pin-wide cable, and on that cable is also an scsi hardrive, wich has an termination jumper, but, it does not make any difference when I set or dont set the termination jumper on the hard disk (when the scanner is NOT attached...so I have only 1 device attached to the wide cable) the drive (and computer) works properly in both cases...now...when I attach the scanner to the connector (now there are 2 devices on the wide cable) it doesnt matter also...the 2940 finds the scanner...regardless that the harddrive has an termination set or not (and yes...the harddrive comes before the scanner;..since the external connector is at the end of the cable) ...strange isnt it:) ... but...I think I'm gtoing to try this (someone adviced my this) ; I'm going to buy a 50pin (ultra-scsi) cable with an 50-external connector at the end...so I can put my scanner on the 50pin-bus and leave the wide bus only for the harddrive:)
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