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passing a variable through an href statement

How do I pass a javascript variable when I use an HREF statement?  I need to pass a variable "instr" to a cgi.

I tried that and the value seems to get lost.
1 Solution
Are you doing this

<a href="/bin/file.cgi?instr=some_instruction">

or this

<script language="javascript">
Try this...........

x="/bin/file.cgi?instr=" & instr

<A href="<%=x%>">Lets Go</a>

Works for me, Give it a try........

If you want it to be from an html link, you can combine the two methods that jimmyontour mentioned like so:

<A HREF="JavaScript:void(0);" onClick="goto(); return false;">jkashd</A>

<script language="javascript">
function goto()
{// any manipulation of variable instr here...
// -->

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This is what you must do:

<a href="javascript:document.location='/bin/file.cgi?instr=' + escape(instr)">the link</a>


PS: None of the above used escape and this is important.
kllewelynAuthor Commented:
basically I'm doing this based on a click


I want the or_main frame to be replaced with the or_image.cgi. The cgi needs to receive the instr variable and do a database select statement.  I have an alert right before I use the above statement, and the variable equals what it should, but when it gets to the cgi, the passed value is blank.  I must not be passing it correctly.
Which frame is this being called from?  If it's "or_vars", then you don't need to reference the variable via top.or_vars...  It should work though.  Are you sure that or_vars is the correct frame name?  Is instr a variable in that frame or an object like a text field?  It's a text field it should be:


P.S. It is important to escape this variable as xabi said.  I had forgotten about that...  If it's not escaped, the value sent to the cgi may not be correct ly if invalid characters like spaces are used in instr.
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