Celeron to slot 1 adapter install

I have just installed my mainboard abit be-II I now need to install this PLASTIC
stand for my cpu. Do they really expect a person to risk breaking there board in two to force these pins threw the holes, the stories I've read have said that they used screws to hold these. But the part looks like one whole piece of plastic to me
The mainboard is already fixed to the pan so I can't move it.( Could they really aford these stupid 2 cent holddowns for my 150$ mb Ha Ha Anyway is there maybe a safe way to support the board from underneath?? Can I do this myself without having to PAY the guy I bought it from!                Thanks, Vin G vig12@worldspy.com  
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that's the way it works, you force the pins through the holes.  If you support the board properly, there is little risk of breaking it.  

By proper support, the area under the holes should be supported so that the board itself it not stressed.  Try a couple of wooden boards with a small gap between them.  Put the board on top so that the gap opens up where the holes are.  Then the area around the holes is supported but the holes themselves are open so the pins can go through.
You should have at LEAST one screw and 4 standoffs holding your motherboard onto the case, if not, I like jhance's wooden block idea.  That silicon is tough to break, and as long as you have proper MB mounting don't worry about breaking it.  

PS why'd you buy a celeron?
because celerons are the single most overlockable processors in the world!
I've got a celeron that I paid less than $75 for and it's running 504MHz.  Does that answer your question?

The idea regarding standoffs is good though.  The motherbaord should have multiple holes for you to insert little plastic stands which space the motherboard off of the case.
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You celery guys have overclocked and benchmarked that chip to death.  I like to build celery machines for people who like the sound of 500MHz, but for me I'd prefer the II's and III's even for the extra money.

hey vig - if you're worried about breaking the board, you may want to remove it enough to support the back of the board.  You should be able to do this with a couple of screws and a few cables.
Hey tengage, do you know the difference between a celeron processor and a PII or PIII?
vig12Author Commented:
O.K. I bought a cheap case It's a full and I got a 300 watt P.S. I
don't really need the space but it seems the small ones don't have enough fans and I'm big and I have big hands so i need the extra space to work. I read all the info I could find on hardware But I
was drawn to the overclocking stuff.Most like Celeron to save money and to overclock. I was trying to save where I could but
trying to buy good quality parts AND save money is tuff I figure
the pII's will be cheaper in a couple of years I can get one.
The case could end up being a new computer in the future
and I'll get a good case for this one I started out to save money
but I'm ending up spending a lot with shipping But I should have a great machine After having bought a Compaq for BIG money
 one week before mmx came out They call it (plug and play) Ha Ha
I was told I couldn't upgrade or I'd void the service contract!
I tried to install Win 98 and it crashed bad Can't run it It keeps loosing the drivers and crashing It's Compaq's engineering. In my opinion there needs to be a safe way to get all the extra junk in win95 registry cause if it gets too big it crashes I can only install
so many programs and If you install too many it takes too long to start up I need to learn Linux ???               Thanks, Vin G
you should be able to use the mobo spacers regardless of the case size.  I think that's your best bet!
vig12Author Commented:
There are no Holes for the standoffs in the middle of the board So
that creates the problem I got 3 brass and 3 plastic pins to hold the
board down I already put them in so I can't move the board.
I was worried about damaging the contacts on the bottom of the board or maybe the wood could have a small chip of metal on it that might short out the contact I was thinking of using newspaper
or bubble wrap.Something with some give so there's no pressure on ther contacts. Anyway I accept your answer! Thanks for taking the time to help!                               Thanks Vin G
vig12Author Commented:
having a problem updating bios for
abit be6 v2 got updates from abit site
followed their instructions but nothing
happens ??? Still shows same version bios Here's what they said format disk
with A: /s system files only,
download awdflash and file, expand file
So it's bin file don't run emm386 or hymem.sys I used rem for them Then boot
with floppy at A:
A: awdflash BEH_UH.BIN cc/cd/cp/py/sn/cks/r_  I did this it seemed to read the file but nothing So I
tried running awdflash then putting the file to run in BEH_UH.BIN last two letters of bios QJ guess that's from feb
2000 Do I maybe have to but bios from
Award ? I don't know how much they want but not paying .      Thanks , vin g
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