avi error- MMSYSTEM263. This is not a registered device.

I'm at wits end trying to get avi files to work again in
Win95 (4.00.950 B).  I have uninstalled and re-installed the latest version of media player a few times, ditto for DirectX.  I have uninstalled and re-installed the multimedia devices, codecs ad nauseam.  Now I find myself lost in the middle of the woods without a map back (the Bill Witch Project?).

When I try to convert a file from my webcam or from PowerGoo to an avi file, or try to view avi via a browser on the 'net, I get the error:

MMSYSTEM263. This is not a registered device.

When I try to play an avi file from my hard drive on media player that I know is not corrupt, I get:

Cannot play back the file.  The format is not supported. (Error=80040265)

I am running a P200MMx,  64mb wintel pc.

I have tried the remedies suggested at the microsoft 'help' sites.
Now I turn to you.... HELP!!!!

Thanks in advance for all assistance.
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This behavior can occur if one of the Media Control Interface (MCI) Devices is disabled, not installed, or the line for the device is missing in the Win.ini file.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click the Multimedia icon.

On the Advanced tab in Windows 95, or on the Devices tab in Windows 98, double-click Media Control Devices.

Click Wave Audio Device (Media Control), and then click Properties.

Click Use This Media Control Device, and then click OK.

Repeat steps 4-5 for MIDI Sequencer Device (Media Control) and Motion Video Device (Media Control), and then click OK.

Close Control Panel, and then restart Windows 95.

If the suggestion above does not work, try this.

Hope it helps.


Insert the command: waveaudio=mciwave.drv in the [mci] section of your system.ini.
loinclothAuthor Commented:

I don't see anything called "Motion Video Device" although I found the Wave Audio Device  and the MIDI Sequencer Device, both of which were already properly set-up.  I did see 2 ActiveMovie MCI Drivers; an MCI driver for AVI; an MCI Media Player driver; something called softpeg; and xmdrv95.


If I go ahead and try your suggestion, I must know first: why would a waveaudio command line affect my ability to play avi files? Now I'm curious as anything...

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This will register your mciwave.drv into the registry, you should try this as mentioned, make sure you have mciwave.drv in your windows/system folder, otherwise it won't register anything. You could also go back and delete this line in system.ini if you don't like it for some reason.
loinclothAuthor Commented:
After checking, I already had the mciwave.drv command line and the driver itself in all the right places.

Back to square one I guess.
loinclothAuthor Commented:
Almost forgot about one thing I  noted:

My mciavi.drv version is 4.0.954.

All of my other mci*.drv drivers are version 4.0.950.

Could this be the problem?
Try installing Microsoft NetShow Player v2.0.
I knew it installs lot of audio and video codecs. Maybe, that´s the solution for your problem.

Also, try installing IE5 as well. It has an update for windows Media Player. Note, that Microsoft suggests to deinstall older MSIE versions before installing a newer one.

Check MS KB to proof MPEG4 is part of NetShowPlayer2:

In case all of the above won't help, download the WIndows Media SDK.
Thats what you are missing then, you need to reinstall the Motion Video Control.

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click Add New Hardware, and then click Next.

When you are prompted to let Windows search for the hardware, click No, I want to select the hardware from a list.

In the Hardware Types box, click Sound, video and game controllers, and then click Next.

In the Manufacturers box, click Microsoft MCI.

In the Models box, click Motion Video Device (Media Control), and then click Next.

Click Finish.

Restart the computer.

Something else to try, your mci extension might be invalid in Win.ini

Below is an example of the content of mci in Win.ini

Run sysedit and look for avi=AVIVideo

that is what it should read!

You could also try reinstalling MCI components just to make sure they have the correct associations.

There is a file that Microsoft have made available that resets all your entries for playing avi files. I'm just trying to remember what the link was!!

[mci extensions]

Good luck!
loinclothAuthor Commented:

I have tried re-installing Motion Video Device (Media Control).  It appears to be re-installing, and it even asks me to restart my computer, but upon re-starting, it still is not appearing under Media Control Devices! I have tried this a few times now.  It's so odd, as it appears to be installing it properly.

Also, you said:

"You could also try reinstalling MCI components just to make sure they have the correct associations. " 

===> How does one do this?

As for the win.ini file, I will look at that when I get home this evening.


I followed your suggestions and got no results. Now how do I uninstall that bulky Windows Media SDK stuff?
I won't be back online until next week now, it's a mystery as to why the Media Control Devices have vanished. To re-register your MCI devices you simply have to remove them and then reinstall them as you attempted with Media Control. Although it seems a bit risky since Media Control would not install!
loinclothAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 400
loinclothAuthor Commented:
I really would like to get this resolved.

And if someone can tell me the best way to remove Media SDK, which seemed to be a totally useless and large install (I'm not developing streaming media any time soon!).

I really appreciate the helpful people on here who follow-through and stick with it once they post a comment or suggestion as YBS has, but it's regrettable that others make bold suggestions and then just leave you dangling.

Anyway, further insight greatly appreciated. Specifically, can anyone tell me if the Motion Video Device can be found inside one of the CABs, and if so, which one?

Uninstalling Previous Versions of the SDK 2.0x:

Please remove any pre-release version of the SDK before installing this version.

To remove the Beta2 release:

From the Control Panel folder under Settings on the Start menu, select Add/Remove Programs.
Select "Microsoft SDK for Java".
Select the "Add/Remove" button.
To remove the Preview Release, just delete the SDK-Java.20 directory and subdirectories from your hard drive

Cannot find it in a cab file, still looking.  Sorry.

More info


After checking in the Device Manager wave sound card was there,
but some parameters were missing in the WIN.INI; so I just
followed the recommendation and rebooted. It works!
loinclothAuthor Commented:

I have already tried all those recommendations listed by you at the support.microsoft.com URL,  as YBS in a previous comment directed me to try these suggestions. The thing is, I cannot install the Motion Video Device for unknown reasons.  It appears as an option under Microsoft MCI in the "add new hardware" control panel.  When it attempts to extract/copy the file from the Windows set-up CABs, it appears to be doing it, but after the prompted restart, it does not show up still. All of the other MCI devices appear normal.

Also, what was the intuit.com URL supposed to lead me to???  I got completely lost there.

Thanks for hanging in there with me; I am about at the point of re-installing windows (sigh).

I have been looking for info on the net.  I came across this and am wondering now.
"When it is installing the driver, if Windows 95 determines that the driver can support the Mixer Device, it installs the Mixer Device along with the sound card driver"

This does not refer to the Motion Video Device but the concept is the same.

This is telling me that maybe the driver is not supported or corrupt and that is why it is not installing it?

Do not know if I am on the right track but will continue to look.

loinclothAuthor Commented:

I found a support page that held my hand through re-installing win95 default audio and video codecs, and I got rid of codecs not listed there, and now it hums again. I also re-installed DirectX one more time, and the Motion Video Device showed up again.


Is it possible to split the points between YBS and hewittg?
I feel like you both pointed me in the right direction, and I appreciate the fact that both spent time digging up info for me at that hideous microsoft support site.

I will check back today and Monday to see if anyone has responded on how I can divide points, if possible.

Thanks again.
You can go to community support and ask them to help you with this.

Glad your up and running.

Be good

New media players do not support avi anymore. Microsoft decides one thing and the world needs to accept... Do we accept? NO ! So here's the work around:

Put this properly into you're system.ini

VIDC.YVU9=btvvc.drv "\<yourwindir\system\btvvc.drv"

VIDC.YVU9=btvvc32.drv "\<yourwindir>\system\btvvc32.drv"

And put the files btvvc.drv btvvc32.drv

in your \<yourwindir>\system\ directory.
If you don't have these i'will mail them if you'd like.

Please reboot to changes take affect.

If this doesn't work please tell me wich codec you're avi files are compressed in.
loinclothAuthor Commented:

I appreciate your input, but I have already fixed the problem (see above) and was just trying to figure out how to divide the points.
Cheers for letting us know how you got on Loincloth! Nice one.

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