Field Access Restriction

Hi Experts,

how do I restrict the access to a specified field by roles ?

Hope you can help me

Thanks Tom
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use something like this in the 'hide when true' formula of the field:

If the user has (or hasnt) a certain role the field will just be hidden.

Two possibilities:
- hide the field depending on a role
- put the field in a section, there you can control read-write access according to roles

Hiding a Field is not a true security to my knowledge.  But to some extent.
Hope paebdb agrees to this.

And make sure that the section you create is a Controlled Section.

woodlottAuthor Commented:

my problem is, it is a web-application and so I can't use sections. The next problem I have, the field must be shown for the read access.
Hi woodlott,

I will go for ghassan's way of approach.
Keep a computed and an editable in two lines one after the other.

Using the roles, hide one line at a time and show the other.  

When the computed field shows up you are in read mode.

When the editable field show up you are in edit mode.

One of my colleague got a same approach and worked perfectly !

Good Luck !

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