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ORA-09352 - (SID) has not been started

As a beginner in the field, I have a starting question:

My ORACLE DB is installed on Windows NT along with a user application. The app runs well but if I want to enter svrmgr23 this error appear:
ORA-09352: OracleService (SID) has not been started.
In services the 3 Oracle components start automatic and I've seen ORACLE_SID set.

What's the mater ?

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1 Solution
You said your two services are started?
-OracleServiceXXXX where XXXX is your SID

You said you went to a DOS Prompt and set the OracleSID.
-set oracle_sid
 = XXXX  where XXXX is your SID
Then you try to start Server Manager
and you get a ORA-09325

What is you SID
jTell us what service are running that start with Oracle.

Try this

Go to the ms-dos prompt

type this at the command prompt


substitute <sid> with the name of the instance that you want to work with


If you still have problems,


connect internal

show parameter db_name

verify it is the correct database

and then issue

startup pfile=<name of your param file>

moiaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Terry.

Actually, there are three services starting automatic:


My Oracle_sid is GFPC and the database is the same (set in init.ora)
I set again in DOS prompt, then started ServerManager and it works, but if I start SQLplus the same error appears.

In NT environment system variable the only varible set is ORACLE_HOME. How could I add ORACLE_SID to appear at startup ?
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do this on your oracle server.
You have to set ORACLE_SID in the NT registry.  
-go to a command prompt (or start>run)
-type regedt32
-find the hkey_local_machine on local maching
-drill down, software>oracle
-make sure you have a view of tree and data, data on the right half of screen
-edit>add value>
-in you add value pop up window, enter a value name of ORACLE_SID, data type of
REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ, then click ok
-a string editor window will pop up
-enter your sid in the string field
-close the window, will save your value
-this action will cause this to be you default destination. example bring up an OEM signon window and leave the service empty.
I am assuming you have only one oracle instance on this nt server.  setting the default SID makes life difficult if you have two instances on one server.
moiaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Terry. I modified the registry and everything seems to be OK.

See you
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