Jagged Alliance 2 - Dressen Mines


I am pretty confused on what is going on in JA2.

The miner in Dressen tells me that creatures live below, but am unable to
find any. I just go down and down and down until finally a get to a room
with something that looks like eggs. What is going on? Am I supposed to
destroy the eggs - or is this a bug? (I use patch 1.06)

Jacob Marner

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sgentherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the exerpt from the strategy guide on this:
When one mine stopps producing and the chief worker tells you that the mine is infested with bugs, you then have to fight your way down to the lowest mine level and kill the boss creature plus his offspring.
Killing them seriously boosts morale! Your mercs just LOVE blowing those ****s away. And since there are so damn many of them, it's really easy for your morale to go through the roof. On the converse side, if your town loses a fight to the bugs (milita are, for some reason, totally inept when it comes to fighting bugs, even though mercs easily dispatch the bastards left and right), your loyalty in that town will drop like a ROCK (we're talking like from %40 down to NOTHING).

How to exterminate them for good:

1. Make sure you bring Gas Masks for all your guys because the bugs spit poison clouds or whatever it is.
2. Bring a LOT of Ammo, like, a crap load at least 100 + rounds for everybody, and some   Mustard Gas. You should use HP ammo. Just for the Queen use AP. HP does far more damage against bugs while AP might just go through them. It might be better to equip your guys with submachine guns temporarily because a lot of the combat will be at close range and you do more damage to the bugs if you have two submachine guns on auto fire.
3. Also there is an Elixir that “hides” you from the bugs (unless you shoot or make noise). Combat will then be reduced to picking on one bug with a shoot and move. It’s like candy from a baby. The Elixir can get obtained from a NPC – Gabby. But he only produces it one or two jars at a time - to get a squad of mercs down to the bottom of the mine, you’ll need some jars of Elixir. You can bring him some bug parts to help producing the Elixir, but he still produces it slowly.
4. Go into the infested mine and kill the bugs. Don't bunch up your mercs, but keep a reasonable distance, since the Bugs gas spit is very inaccurate and will hardly damage a single merc, but in a bunch a single bug might get your whole team critical. Also don't stand in front of walls, or a miss might hit the wall behind you and gas you just as well.
You’ve to go down 3 levels, sometimes moving to another sector on the same level. There are small holes, similar to the exit in the first level of the mine. This should lead you to the lair of the monsters.  Just go killing the Bugs. This will go on quite a while. You can't miss the Bug Queen.
5. The Queen is not that bad, but she is hidden behind some rocks. If you try to get in sight she will interrupt and kill you. So throw grenades over the wall without seeing her, in the entrance where she sits plus one or two mustard gases and she should die but if she doesn't use some explosive grenades to finish her off. That's the most secure way to do it, at least in Grumm and Drassen Mines. Another way is to find the last space where she doesn’t see you, and from there run forward, empty a burst of AP into her and run back. If there wasn't enough points, then just shoot a single shot, and there should be more points next time around.
6. The Bugs drop body parts like the Bloodcats. You can get Organs, Claws and parts of their skin. Later on they may be useful/sellable. Also the Bug Queen’s blood makes your armor better. So make sure you pick it all up. If you have problems picking the Queen’s blood (Jelly) make sure you hold down the CTRL key before moving the cursor over it. If that doesn't work, go to the strategic map, and activate the items filter and move the items from there.
7. Just make sure that you don't leave once you go down because once you leave, you will have to fight your way down all over again.
8. The mine will be operational again once you kill the Queen. There are people who claim  that you need to blow up the eggs as well. But the mine is operational without you blowing them up, so I didn't tried that out.

Q: Am I supposed to go down with a certain number of mercs or at a specific time? The Bugs sometimes refuse to appear in the mines, even after receiving the message from the head miner about their infestation; the lairs are empty and the Queen is also gone.
A: They are not there all the time. If you're searching at night, remember, bugs are nocturnal, always attacking at night. If they attack at night, they ain't in the cave. Go in during the middle of the day. The Queenie bitch'll be there, along with PLENTY of baddies. But the consensus seems to be that the Queen only appears after 4.00 AM, so try going back later on, it worked for a lot of of people. Sometimes just save before entering the cave &  reload till they appear.

Q: I've read other posts that indicate the Queen only shows up after 4am or so. I've gone down maybe half a dozen times at all hours of the night, and I just can't find anything in the mines. If I have to I'll just keep checking 'round the clock, but frankly it's a pain to have to trek down there time and again with no results. Can anyone help me out?
A: I've had the same problem (in Drassen), and the only workaround I've found is to save the game at the mine entrance, quit to the desktop and then reload the savegame. You should encounter the bugs on the first level; if not, it didn't work. This is probably a bug and not a time issue. It seems to have something to do with the placement of the mercs as they appear in the zone triggering the bugs to appear.
Get my strategy guide at:


Patusco also did a great job.


That should you to finish the game without trouble, including the queen part.
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