CDR software that Writes .bin files

I sent my HD to a buddy and he sent me a huge file that is .bin i know it is like an ISO isnt it? I need some software that will allow me to write this onto a CD anyone know of one?
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CDRWIN uses bin files for images. Just get a demo from The file is probably created with this program.
good luck
bin is typically used on Mac's.
what you need is a prog to convert bin to another readable format in Windows.  Then, you will be able to copy the data to CD.

check out this link

the link to the prog
Use CDRWIN.  I have it.  If you give me your email, I can send it to ya.
snowmobile74Author Commented:
I am sory but tonny already answered the question I got CDRwin and it works in windows 2k (sory for not mentioning) sory Elmer
snowmobile74Author Commented:
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