Copy CD to HD

I want to use some of my extra HD space
and store some of my CD's and use them from the HD

On a few CD's all is well and I can copy to my hard drive but in the majority of the cases I cannot use the HD copy that I have made. I have compared file size and have set the HD partition label to be the same as the CD  

Ultimately I would like to use my HD
and store multiple CD copies
Please help

In addition to the above information:
1. I installed the program from the HD and not the CD
2. The installed program seems to run fine till it looks for
   the  CD for additional information and hangs.  

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Did you install the program from the CD or HD?  After coping to HD, does the program install? or does it install ok but doesn't run.  Is it still looking at the CDR for the program or files?
After you copy the CD to your hard drive do you then install the program on the CD.
Most CD programs require a small file be install on your Hard drive. Especially if they are programs that need the CD to run.

Did you install the program from the CD or HD?  After coping to HD, does the program install? or does it install ok but doesn't run.  Is it still looking at the CDR for the program or files?
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make sure when you open the CD-ROM window that it is set to view all files
Installing from HD works in most cases

Although some programs work differently.
I have one that puts settings in the registry to call the CD-ROM, regardless from where it was installed. Changing these settings works on that program.
But I also have another program that has it hard coded in the exe to look on the CD-ROM. This is really tricky to fix if not impossible.
Sometimes you need to fool the computer into thinking that the hard drive is a CD.  The program fakecd, available from does that
firsteagle1Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
if these are programs like games, etc which look for the cd-rom in the drive, you wlil have to get a patch which changes the program configuration.  am I on the right track here?
Yes, as mentioned above many programs that look for the CD specifically look at the CD-ROM drive for the CD. However I find it mostly for games it works this way. I have done exactly what your doing for printer software, office CD-Rom, and many others. But as I said it matters where you install it from.

Make sure you copied the files to your hard drive and installed them FROM the hard drive and NOT from the CD-ROM drive. (It remembers where you installed it from in a log file somewheres.

As far as labeling drives to match labels, that faded out long ago when installation from floppies was big, and it was their cheap way of copy protecting stuff. It does not, or should not matter. I have burned many a CD-ROMs, and mostly always forget to copy labels and they work just fine (Got lucky I guess)

If for some reason you cannot alter the install file or get the CD's to work on your hard drive, maybe ya outta think about a CD changer or build a CD tower.

Personally I feel that data is better stored on a CD-ROM then a HD, and for performance perposes of the HD as well..... I sometimes use the HD to store CD's only to burn another in case I lost the CD or it is used as a frisbee and gets damadged.

Just a repeat pretty much of above, but all under one roof

Good Luck
firsteagle1Author Commented:

A CD changer  Naaa  I have lots of HD space

Yes I think I need some sort of patch.
DOS used to have one that redirected drives.  I have no idea how to do this using Win98

PCuser 321
The @!$%#v program is in German Or at least the instructions are.

In General
It seems to me that what I want to do would be somthing a lot of people would like to do since HD costs are so low.
I have 2 HD. My second HD is used for back up of my complete system. It is about 90% empty I would like to use the extra space for my CDs  I back up my supercritical data on a 100 meg Iomega.
I am planning to burn a cd every month and do away with the Iomega.
you need the specific patch for each program.  what games/softaware is it?
>> The @!$%#v program is in German Or at least the instructions are.

Sorry.  Here is better site.

I downloaded it to check, and here is part of the .doc file:

fakecd is a program that simulates a CD-ROM drive with a directory of
a hard drive. Its intended  purpose is to allow running of CD-based
software entirely from a hard drive. This gives you the following ad-
  1. speed: .... etc

You should have no trouble reading that :)

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firsteagle1Author Commented:

Adobe Photoshop Home Addition 3.1
Real Flight Simulator V 1.0.82
Real Flight Simulator upgrade V 1.20.71
Microsofr Home Publishing 2000-2

NO Games
OK, Photoshop and Publisher should have given you an option during installation for a complete install which would not require it to run from CD.  As for the Sim's, you will want to search around different websites which deal with those prog's and see what you can find.  It's possible that the patches wont be available or that they might not work well.  I have a golf game which I found a patch for.  After I loaded it, I couldn't play the damn game!  You live you learn.
some of the programs search for the cd when you run them so if you want them to run from the hdd you should find a program on the net that makes a hdd floder to look like a cd-rom drive then all your programs should work
Ther's a utility out there that allows you to copy the cd to hard drive and give it  a drive letter
so that system see it as a separate hard drive.

Name escapes me at the moment, but propably
one of them referred in above comments

 However, try this 1st

Create 2 new folders on hard drive, A and B
Put A (name them whatever you want) where you'll eventually want it to be permenantly

Open the cd you want to copy in Explorer window,
Copy ALL (make sure that under folder views you have show invisible active) the items from the cd to folder A

Remove Cd from drive

Install program from folder A into folder B

After reboot, Trash all the items in folder A, keeping the original folder A, now empty.

Open folder B and cut/paste all the items
from B to A

Trash B (now empty) and reboot.

Program will now run from HD

Occasionally there may be a problem with a particular Cd
where you need an exact image of the cd on the drive
done by imaging software, but rarely.


firsteagle1Author Commented:
First and foremost I would like to thank each of you for you work and response. This is my first time using
experts exchange and I have found it most helpful.

Secondly I am pleased to announce that I will award PC User 321 BUT I need to hold out for a tiny bit more.  

To PC user 321

1. What kind of search did you use to find the software so quickly ? Or was it that you had previously visited the site and rememberewd that it had the software that I need?

To all experts again thank you.

firsteagle1Author Commented:
I already tried most of what you suggested

Follow specifically and it will work.

The registry looks for where the installation came from and retains that info.

good luck.
firsteagle1Author Commented:
To centerv

OK I will be more specific

I have partitioned Disk 0 to be C, d, E

D has nothing in it
I labeled D the same as the cd
I did an image copy from the CD to D
I installed from D to C
I removed the CD
I ran the installed program from C
When the program made a call for mor CD information  it looked for the CD and not the copy of the CD which was located in D

firsteagle1Author Commented:
To PC user 321

What kind of searh did you use to find the answer or did you just sort of remember that you had previously run across the site you referred to ?

Thank You Again

Welcome to group.

Not to belabor the point, but I do want to set the record straight, should anyone come across this message later.
When it comes to pcs, there's generally more than one way of achieving the same results.

Here's what you did:

D has nothing in it
I labeled D the same as the cd
I did an image copy from the CD to D
I installed from D to C
I removed the CD

Following my directions, here's what's missing:

After reboot, trash all the items that you copied to D

Cut/paste all the items that you installed on C dive to D

Run program from D drive or from any shortcut of the program in D placed anywhere.

As mentioned above, by using folders you achieve the same without using a drive letter.

I ran the installed program from C

(will not work this way, as you found out)

When the program made a call for mor CD information  it looked for the CD and not the copy of the CD which was located in D

(It was looking for the info on the cd that was installed in C drive, but wasn't copied to D
When it didn't find it, it asked for the cd)

Not looking for response from you or for you to change your mind
or do anything different.

Just want to make the info clear so that
anyone wishing to try this method is not misled.
Works for me.
firsteagle1Author Commented:
To Centerv

Hi I need ALL the help I can get.

Per your suggestion:

(It was looking for the info on the cd that was installed in C drive, but wasn't copied to D
When it didn't find it, it asked for the cd)

The statement you made above is critical to the issue.

When the program is installed it does not include the objects (ie: pictures) pictures )

1. If after I have wiped D  
2. I copy from C to D  
3. I will not have the needed object  files.
4. In addition all of the program pointers will be screwed up.

Keep this in focus

the registry makes a path to the installation disk folder
as to where to look for the info that is being stored  the installation disk.
(data, jpegs in the case of clipart, etc)

So, if you have a program that does not install all the items
to the installation folder, then do not trash
those items from the original A folder,
but keep them intact.

To summerize, everything that the program is looking for
when its looking for the cd
has to be in the original installation folder or drive.

Some customizing of the particular app may be necessary,
 depending on how the installer works for that program.

The basic concept is the same, irregardless.

this method works with the new cds that wont let you edit the registry as to its path.

as to your particular situation,
where you copied the whole cd to your drive,
not all the contents only,
i'm not sure wether it will work.
the cd image would have to act as a folder
or repository for those items within d drive.
you would have to copy the items from c to inside the cd.

if that doesn't work for you, put a folder in d drive and go that route.

also, keep in mind that using the drive method,
every time there is a drive letter change
for whatever reason,
and it effects that drive
the program will not work, for the obvious reason that its not in the right drive
as far as the registry can see.

You may want to think out your strategy.
firsteagle1Author Commented:

Thank you for really trying to help me.

It is 1030 PM and I am bushed.

I assure you I will read your info many times till it sinks in. For the moment you have lost me but I have been at this problem for well over 2 months, of course in my spare time. I will post a comment in the next few days and let you know how I am progressing.

Take your time!!

A couple more weeks or more won't matter much.
You had me wondering why you were responding so quickly.

It's one of those processes that you can't miss a step
and need a little intuition at the same time.

Also, understanding the concept can be a little hard
to grasp, and you wind up kicking yourself later,
wondering why you didn't think of it before. Was for me.
You have to think like the computer.

I haven't copied a cd in a couple of months,
but I'm in the process of redoing a couple of hard drives
and will be doing a cd copy.
I will pay extra attention to the steps and let you know if I missed any above.


Didn't forget you.  (sort of)
Haven't got the redoing drive yet.
However, I realized that I should have answered you in two parts.

Before you start copying, make sure that you have show hidden files enabled.

This is for a one cd program.

make folder A
copy all the contents of cd, but not actual cd, to folder A.
Remove cd from drive and install program from folder A.
Run program from where you have installed the app to, leaving folder A intact.
Registry sees Folder A as the cd drive associated with this program.

This is for a two cd program

One installation cd and one data cd.
Make folder A and copy all items from installation cd to folder A
Install from folder A
Run program from where you installed it, but first, remove contents from folder A
the installation disk, and trash them.
At this point we're assuming that all is trash.  If there's something in there
that the system is going to look for later, you need to leave that in there.
Generally there isn't in a two cd program.
Start 2nd cd and copy all the files, (data) from 2nd cd to folder A.

Remove cd and run program.

Also, keep in mind that if you hide drives or partitions,
or create other drives or partitions that displace drive letters,
and the drive letter changes where you have the cd copied,
then it wont be accessible until drive letter changes back.

Good luck.

firsteagle1Author Commented:


I am still alive and kicking  BUT getting over one heck of a cold. I wouldn't wish this one on any one

I appreciate the adtl. info.

Now off to the sack Down AGAIN

Best wishes for speedy recovery.
Did you have your Antivirus on? :-)

Thanks for the points.
Your question certainly generated lots of interest.

>> What kind of searh did you use to find the answer?
I remembered the name from long ago when games first came out on CD, and as a copy-protect measure the game would check that a CD was present in the drive.  The hackers soon found a way to defeat that.

If I had forgotten the name I would probably have searched for 'cracks' or 'hacks'

firsteagle1Author Commented:

Hi back at it again.

1.Used Drive D:  and named it SIMPRO1
2.Copied files from CD SIMPRO1 F:)to SIMPRO1 (D:)

3. Removed CD
4.Installed from SIMPRO1(D:)to drive  E:\Real Flight

5. Re Boot System
6. AOK*** it ran


7. Changed Drive D: named it SIM (D:)
8. NG***  it did not run.  
9. It responded with:
    “Please insert the following disk into CDROM on D”
    “Simulator Pro Disk #1”

10. Re Boot System
11. NG*** it did not run.
12. Same response as #9 above

13 Install & boot from SIM (D:) to drive E:\Real Flight

14 NG*** it did not run.
15.Same response as #9 above

13. Installed & boot from SIMPRO1 (D:) to drive E:\Real Flight
14. AOK *** it ran.

15. Installed & boot from Sim (D:)\SIMPRO1 to E:\Real Flight

16. NG*** it did not run.
17. Same response as #9 above

18. Install & boot  from SIMPRO1 (D:)\SIM to E:\Real Flight

19. AOK *** it ran.

Since CD#1 name is  SIMPRO1  The installed software will always look
 for SIMPRO1 on a drive not a file.

 In addition it must be the
 name of the CD or HD

The core of the problem is the second CD name is RFDU.
Therefore the  installed software or a pointer from CD#2 looks for RFDU not SIMPRO1

I know of no way to dynamically assign a name to a drive.

My cup runnith over


Keep this up and you'll wind up flat again!

"1.Used Drive D:  and named it SIMPRO1"
Make a FOLDER in D Drive and name it SIMPRO1

Use folders and not drives. Once the install is done, DO NOT rename anything that has to do with the installation process.

As I mentioned earlier, the registry sees the install location as the originating drive.
The first location that you install from gets written in the registry and does not change when you change its name or location..
registry retains that location.
Best bet at this point is to repair the registry and see if it wipes out that info.
Reboot to a dos prompt and type
scanreg/fix     and hit enter.
Should that not fix it, then you would have to edit the registry manually.  Not for the faint of heart.
If the cd-rom simulator is working well for you, it may not be worth persuing this end.

Are you familiar with the folder C:\windows\options\cabs\ ?
Do you have one on your PC?

firsteagle1Author Commented:

I am not sure you read all of the different ways I installed.

I did what you suggested. per below

>>15. Installed & boot from Sim (D:)>>\SIMPRO1 to E:\Real Flight

You wrote:
>>Are you familiar with the folder >>C:\windows\options\cabs\ ?
>>Do you have one on your PC?

Yes I have the folder
Familar noooo

I am doing this because of the challange, my desire to learn etc.

I have been doing a lot of reading about the registry-- what a snow job!

1. I will again install from Sim (D:)\SIMPRO1 to E:\Real Flight as in line 15 above.
2. I will reboot & try
3. I will scanreg/fix
4. I will try to run program
I will reboot & try to run again


firsteagle1Author Commented:

Tried line 2,3,4 above.
Received the following message:
Please insert the following disk into the CDROM on D:\SIMPRO1

Simulator Pro Disk#1


Lets start with this one.

>Are you familiar with the folder >>C:\windows\options\cabs\ ?

When you make changes to your  configuration in windows, does it ask you to insert the win98 cd in drive and goes searching or does it automatically make the changes and asks you to reboot?
firsteagle1Author Commented:
automatically makes changes & asks for reboot

does not ask for Win98
That's because all the files in the cd win98 are in the cabs folder and thats how it registers in the registry.

Explore the win98 cd and compare to cabs folder.

Grasp and get familiar with and understand that concept that concept, and we'll go from there.
firsteagle1Author Commented:

I have looked at the cab files and visited the registery and I have to admit it is beyond my limited skills. I here by formally throw in the Towel.
Thanks much for your patience with me.

This evening on a wild chance I used: Web Ferrit and did a search using:  CD COPY Hard Drive. Lo and behold for about $39 IMSI sells CD Copier Pro
I will purchase it tomorrow and give it a try.

The IMSI site is listed below
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