DNS problem

There are 2 email server
Let say there are A (True IP) and B (Virtual IP)

B can send email to A .but A can't send email to B due to Virtual IP of B
SO I hope to config the DNS so that if A send email to B,
However I fogot how to modify   DNS to achieve it?
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Comment of 3 mar is the answer
Is "B" a virtual domain? By "virtual IP" do you mean some system that has an IP alias configured on it?
Yes B is also in virtual domain.
My objective is A can't reply email to B Even B in virtual IP or domain
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Who maintains the master dns server for the domain? you or someone else?
I maintain the dns .
Okay, you need to add the zone definition to your named.conf file. It'll look something like:

zone "virtual.com" {
        type master;
        file "virtual.zone";

You'll need to adjust the domain name and name to the zone file per your installtion. Then you need a zone file that would look something like:

@          IN  SOA         server.real.com. user.real.com. (
               1999072601  ; Serial
               10800       ; Refresh
               3600        ; Retry
               604800      ; Expire
               86400)      ; Minimum

           IN  NS          server.real.com.
           IN  NS          secondary.someplace.com.

virtual.com.          IN  MX  10 server.real.com.

$ORIGIN      virtual.com.
www          IN  A

Domain names, email address, and such need to be adjusted for your setup.

Will that do it?
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