Program to convert Realplayer files to Mp3 or Wav

I'm looking for a program to convert Realplayer files to Mp3 or Wav music files. I have a legal music file in realplayer format (.rm) and want to make it a mp3 or Wav which would make it easier to play with.

Can anyone help?

I also have some legal samples of movies (trailers from official sites) in realplayer format - I want to convert these to .avi or .mov or something is there a program to do this too?
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cheekycjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I thought RealProducer could do that.

There is a file called RA2Wav but it
is not being made anymore you can get it at some sites.. but I am not sure where.

check out:

use winamp.
Just look under options and change the output to file instead of DirectSound or whatever.
From winamp, go to options/preferences (press ctrl+p or access menu by clicking the right button). Click the Audio I/O tab. It is probably set to 'Nullsoft WaveOut Plug-In....' under Output Plug-Ins. You need to change this to 'Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-In....' so that the mp3 file will decoded and stored as a wav file on your disk. Then click the configure button and tell it where you want the wav file stored.

Since winamp can play real audio files this should work for that too.
Here is some additional info on Winamp:
WinAmp has a plug-in which converts to wav. Go into options and then preferences...
then click on output under plug-ins. choose nullsoft disk writer(should say out_disk)
or something like that. click on it and choose configure. it will ask you to choose
a directory to output the file to. choose and then close. Make sure your playback is
not set on loop or else it will continually decode. when your done, go back into the
same preference/output/plugin menu and choose the wave_out plug in so that music will
play normally instead of converting to WAV.

also the good old microsoft media player may help you out with the video part:


real producer can only go one way...from wav to real audio for example...i believe there have been attempts at making programs that can do the reverse but i have yet to hear of any that were very reliable or of any real quality.  remember it is much easier to compress a sound file and lessen the sound quality than to enlarge it again and revive the original sound quality into it.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
I have the most up to date version of winamp, and when I try to play my .rm (realmedia) file it just does nothing.
When you go to open a track it's not in the list only way to see it is showing *.* - meaning that it doesn't play them!

I've tried doing it with the media player as well. And it's comes up with a error.

I have Realplayer 6 Basic. Does Realplayer 7 Full do it then? Is this free - or can you get a trial or something?

i'll check out those sites your mentioned.
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That is odd.. winamp is supposed to support RA now.

I will look into it.

simonprrAuthor Commented:

May be it's because my file is .RM not .RA (?)
rm or ra are both real audio files.

As long as it isn't ram (real audio metafile) then you should be able to play it.. actually you should be able to play ram files if you are connected to the Net.

Ok found some info.. winamp doesn't natively support real audio but if you go here:

You can download a plugin that will let you play ra/rm files through winamp.

Then go here for detailed conversion steps:

If you have the disk space, an extra minute or three and some stereo plugs and cable, you can do this:

1) connect a stereo plug to each end of a piece of stereo cable that is long enough to reach from your pc speakers to your sound card connection. Make sure the cable connects the same way at each end.

2) plug one end of this DIY cable into the headphone or output socket on your *speaker* (NOT on the sound card); and the other to the Microphone input on your sound card.

3) open up Sound Recorder (I'm assuming you are using windows); also open up your RA player.

4) start sound recorder recording, then start the RA playing. When the song/file ends, stop sound recorder, then stop your RA player. Save the file in sound recorder as a .wav file. You can then use sound recorder to cut out the first bit of silence at the start from between starting recording and starting playing, if it's going to bother you.

5) close all aformentioned programs, then use an mp3 encoder to convert the .wav file to mp3. You can get one of these at if you don't already have one.

How this works:
Sound recorder takes input from a microphone on your sound card.
RA Player outputs to your speakers.
The cable is merely sending the output from your speakers back into the microphone socket so that Sound Recorder can record it.
This technique can also be used to save a Streaming Audio file that otherwise deletes after playing, however that could be illegal depending on the file and who owns it.

Good luck.

simonprrAuthor Commented:
I have just tried using streambox and it worked. Thanks.

On the side, I've found a side where there are some ram files:

but when i click on the link to them (audio button next to each track) it open's realplayer and attempts to connect to server, and then after a while comes up saying it couldn't. Why is this? I've checked the settings are they are correct. Can anyone else get to the tracks?
good chance is just their server
its the website.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
is there a way to fix it?
not that I know of.

Its something they have to fix.

Damn thing crashed my RA player.

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