Windows Error Blue Screen of Death ?

Hey Everyone,

I just reformated my hard drive 3 days ago, reinstalled Windows 98, and ran a few "critical updates" from the Microsoft Web site.  But everytime I shut down my pc, Im getting the blue error screen of death, basically locking up my pc, I then have to do a hard re-boot - and the pc runs Scandisk because my pc was not properly shut down.  The windows error is "0D at 0317:00009D3E".   Can anybody help ?  Any ideas ?  Please note: Points will be awarded to the first person who solves my problem, although your input is appreciated.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
multisonik, From the error message, it sounds the display drivers has some conflict with the memory allocation with the motherboard Plug and Play extension. Try to re-allocate the resources for the display by  following method to see if the problem is resolved.
Try this,
(1) Go to the control panel, display, settings, [advanced] button, Adapter tab, [Change] button, follow the wizard by selecting to manually change display adapter [x] in a list, where [x] show all hardware to "(Standard display types) - Standard Display Adapter (VGA)". OK to confirm and restart the computer three time to make changes becomes effective.

(2) At the 4th restart of the computer, go to the CMOS/BIOS by pressing <DEL> or <F2> or <F10> depends on your computer after the POST but before the win98 logo appears. Go to the page with the options of Play and Play OS. Disabled it by <disabled> or <No>.

      Also go to the page of power management and disabled all items listed under power management by <disabled> or <user defined> or <no>.

      Save the changes and exit the CMOS/BIOS.

(3) Restart the computer to the safe mode, go to the device manager of control panel, system. expand the display adapter. Remove all the devices listed there by select and click [remove] button.

(4) Restart the computer to normal mode, then go to the control panel, Add new hardware, reinstall the display driver of graphic card from the CDrom/floppy containing the "*.inf". OKay and restart the computer. Then shut it down.
     After 15 - 20 min., start the computer again.

(5) If the system is Win98 and AT computer and not Win98SE/ATX computer,  go to the Start-run, type "msconfig", OK to open the System Configuration utility. Select the General Tab, [advanced] button and checked the box for [x] Disable fast shutdown. OK. OK.  Restart the computer.

     See if the problem get solved or not.
     If the problem has gone, go back to step (2) and enable again the Plug and Play OS function by <enable> or <Yes>. Save the changes and exit the CMOS.
     Back to normal daily routine as usual.

Let me know if it worked.      pslh
What other software have you got running on your system?  Also, try running the "msconfig" from the Run dialog box on your Start button, choose Advanced from the General tab, and click a check-mark to Disable Fast Shutdown.  Reboot your system, and see if that helps.  You may have something running in the background that is interfering with a normal shutdown.  You can also see what's running in the background by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del, and seeing what's in the close Program box.  If you can post a list of those itmes it might give us an extra clue as to what may be happening.  Let us know how you make out!
Re-install the Windows logo files. Also, re-install, or change the wave file used at shutdown. If these are corrupted, these can cause shutdown problem.

Also, if running Win98 Second Edition, get Microsoft's Shutdown patch for S.E.
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Hey there Multisonik! Which critical updates did you apply? Also, it would help to know more about the system hardware.
multisonikAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone,

(Special hey to Dew !)  Here is the info you all have requested.  Basically the Windows 98 cd is the first edition, so I had to install all of the critical updates that the Microsoft Web Site suggested. (Note: I installed all updates one at a time and then re-started the pc, and went back to the Microsoft site to continue). My pc is
an E-machine - with Ethernet card   installed for cable modem and a standard emachine monitor.  I dont beleive the wav file that plays at shutdown is the problem as there is several seconds that go by after the wav is played when the blue error screen shows up.  Based on pslh's suggestion, I have reinstalled my display drivers, thinking that may be it.  And at your suggestions, I have disabled the "Fast shut Down".  While reviewing the items that are on my start-up in the msconfig, I noticed that my "Task Monitor" was UN-checked.   Not sure how that happened, but I also re-checked it.   I have shut down and restarted about 6 times so far, and no error message.  I will give it a full day and see how it goes.  If it remains stable, I will Reject the proposed answer by DeanTodd, and accept the answer by pslh.    Dew- the hardware that came with the emachine is a standard micro atx board 400 mhz celleron with 1 PCI and 1 ISA slot, 235 watt power supply, standard Emachine monitor.  I have  a strong suspicion that it may have been the P & P drivers that installed the display drivers, may have been the problem, or it could have very well been that the "Task Monitor" was unchecked. Thanks to all.  Multi.
multisonikAuthor Commented:
Sorry NBDYFOOL - forgot your answer.  Running in the system tray is the following: ptsnoop, systray, wkclrem, syshook,  and explorer.   Thanks. Multi.
Multi, Uncheck task monitor again, then run a bootlog.txt during boot to verify what is failing.
multisonikAuthor Commented:
Please see my above comment.
multisonikAuthor Commented:
Pslh - It looks like the display drivers were the problem.   The Task Monitor had nothing to do with it.   I reinstalled the display drivers and haven't had a problem since.  Dew - Just to keep you up to date with my DSL installlation, I chose not to get it done.  My cable company fixed the cable modem problems that I was having so switching to dsl was not necessary.   Take care Dennis.
Thanks for letting me know Multi!
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
multisonik, thanks. (and Dennis too!) pslh
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