Copyright Symbol?

How can I insert a copyright Symbol into a label on a form? copying from Word and pasting results in a question mark, even if the font in Access is set to Symbol

Help Please

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wesleystewartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The copyright symbol is character 169.  You can call it using the Chr() function.  Let's say your label is lblText:

lblText.text = Chr(169) & " G Thompson" should return the copyright symbl followed by your name.

G_ThompsonAuthor Commented:
Cheers Wes, Thanks a lot.
Happy to help.

But why a "B" grade?  I don't particularly care, but it seems to have been the exact answer . . .

G_ThompsonAuthor Commented:
Because There is always room for improvment.
 Your answer would have worked perfectly  if placed on the open event of the form but perhaps an easyer way is to the the Controlsource property of a text box to = chr(169) & " Gibberish"

Remember you can always improve even if you are perfect.

Thanks again

Dale LoganConsultantCommented:
I know this was 11 years ago, but were you just trying to be a jerk, or is that just how you are?
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