problems with function

How to write a function invert(x,p,n) that returnsx with n bits that begin at position p inverted ( i.e. chaged 1into 0 and vice versa) livig the others unchanged
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LucHoltkampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
unsigned inverse(unsigned x, unsigned p, unsigned n)
   return x ^ (0x1 << n) - 0x1 << p;
How are you specifying x?? A binary number, a hex number??
LoraAuthor Commented:
x-binary number
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LoraAuthor Commented:
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Just a note - compiler warns about << operator precedence - need to clarify solution....
LoraAuthor Commented:
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Ask a new question Lora, this one is closed.

Captain Kirk, it's true, the compiler warns for presedence, but it is ok in this case. To clarify:

return x ^ (((0x1 << n) - 0x1) << p);

It's ok because - goes for << and << goes for ^

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