I am beginner with frontpage and I don't know the language HTML.  
I would want to forbid the access to certain pages of my site.  
It would be necessary that for there access the user gives his username and his password.  
How to make?
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RMauchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry, the preceding comment should have been an answer (duh)
specifics of the answer will depend upon: 1. whether you are using fp98 or fp2k, 2. whether extensions are installed on the remote server, 3. whether the extensions are fp98 or fp2k, & 4. whether the remote  operating system is unix or nt.

answer is easy, just need more info
eldiabloAuthor Commented:
Hi RMauch

I'm using fp98 on a NT4 workstation.
I achieve pages and I put them on a server.  
I am not administrator of the server.  
On the server there are extentions fp98
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Are the users you wish to validate registered as users on the server(ie. domain users if NT server, etc)?  Or are you attempting to have visitors 'register' and limit access to your web to these?
eldiabloAuthor Commented:
The users are on the server (domain user)
Remove all from groups tab.
Users tab, add yourself or web administrator with Administer/author/browse permission.  Add all users you wish to allow to view the web with browse permission.  Ensure that the 'Only registered users have browse access' radio button is selected and click OK.  Should be good to go.  If you have any problems let me know.

Good luck.
ok, what you have to do is create a subweb on your wks which contains all the files you want protected, publish that subweb to the server as a subweb, then log onto the subweb on the server & set its permissions. here's how: 1. from the fp98 file menu, select new & frontpage web. make it an empty web, 2. from the fp98 file menu select import & add file, 3. navigate to the folder containing the to-be-protected files, & import them into your new empty web, 4. from the fp98 file menu, select publish frontpage web & select the more webs button, 5. in the specify a location box type in the name of the server, a forward slash, & the name you want the protected subweb to have on the server, 6. click ok twice & frontpage will publish your web to the server as a subweb under the root, 7. from the fp98 file menu, select open frontpage web & select the more webs button, 8. in the select a web server box type in the name of the server & select list webs, 9. from the list of webs available on the server open the one you just published, 10. from the fp98 tools menu select permissions, 11. select use unique permissions & the apply button, 12. from the users tab, select only registered users have browse access & the add button, 13. select the users you want to have access from the names list, give them whatever permissions you want them to have, & select the add button, 14. if your users are not on any of the lists, you will need to contact the server administrators & ask them to create a user list for you
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