NETSCAPE changing a "hidden" setting

I currently use NETSCAPE 4.6.  Some weeks ago I , foolishly, downloaded "FREENSAFE" as a free ISP.  It completely blocked my browser from going anywhere except through the EVESTA proxy server (even though I opted to avoid this choice).  I needed to call FREENSAFE and get a special code in order to uninstall the ISP from the browser and now I'm back to status quo.  Well almost!
I still find that adding a search address into the browser Location bar, without the associated www or dot com always defaults me through the EVESTA proxy server which never knows the site I am looking for and gives me a promotion of the Freensafe site [##**!!!!***]
I need to retrieve or reset the setting which I used to have which (I suppose) always went back to the Netscape server for this information.  I have looked through all the settings I can find, as well as the Registry and I can't find anything which gives me a hint how to do this.  Can someone please help.  I'm at my wits end with this.

Thanks very much.
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bjt3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have a smartdownload key in my registry (NT4/SP6), so you could just try to rename the key, reboot and see if the problem goes away.  Same goes for the key in Distribution Units.  That, is just the subkey itself and not the entire Distribution Units key.

Or, you could try RegClean.  Although, that's been known in some cases to trash some of the legitimate Netscape entries.  In this vein, you could uninstall Netscape, reboot, run RegClean, reboot and then install Netscape.  That should get you back to a relatively clean installation.
Have you searched through the registry for just the word "proxy" - mine turned up a Netscape Proxy settings in the following hive/key

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-931611298-1924094244-2076119496-1001\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Proxy Information

Obviously the S-1-5-21...number is my users SID so your's will be different but try going to HKEY_USERS and then searching for "proxy"

In the above key I have two strings:

default         (value not set)
No_Proxy    "Localhost,"

See if you can find this key and modify the information to match mine - I do not have a proxy server specified...
You could also try doing a find in the registry for the word "search".  This will return a number of keys with settings relating to your problem.
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First, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "adding a search address into the browser Location bar, without the associated www or dot com".  Could you add a little more info so that I might better understand what the problem is ?

Next, it wasn't clear to me that you had set Netscape to "no proxy" (Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Proxies and choose "Direct connection")
FLAREMAN_XSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your interest.

1. In the "Location" bar, I may type "ask".  This used to find "" but now it goes to the proxy and tells me "address not found but wouldn't I like try Freensafe"
Same with "google" which used to find
etc etc.

2. Yes all the Netscape preferences are set correctly for no proxy and direct connection.  That's why this is so frustrating.

FLAREMAN_XSAuthor Commented:
As a follow up to my prior response, I have tried a full search of the Registry for both Netscape and Proxy.  Nothing turns up remotely like the example given by scottriley although there are oodle of proxy references overall.  Most seem to be connected to CLSID's to I'm very loathe to mess with them.

I didn't try the "search" search yet.  I'll look inot that today.

Again, thanks for the interest.

Ah, mine has never done that.  However, I have Smart Browsing turned off.  Could that be what happened to you ?  See Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Smart Browsing.  You may need to turn on Internet Keywords and What's Related.
FLAREMAN_XSAuthor Commented:
Re the smart browsing, I have it turned on for "enable whats related" and "update after first use", keywords "enabled".

Good call, when I turn off the kewords enabled I get a good result.  That's definitely where the problem lies because if I turn it on again the problem is back.

However, all this messing about in the registry leaves me with questions.
The search search revealed nothing new.\ so I looked for DENREG which is part of the proxy address.  It gave me 2 entries
in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ and HKEY_USERS|[my local sign on]\
both in \software
The entries are both the same
referrer ""
Seeing this, I did another search for evesta but didn't find these entries.  Instead I found
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CodeStoreDatabase\Distribution Units\{4e330863-6A11-11D0-BFD8-006097237877}
Why this didn't turn up previously and why I don't find the two DENREG entries using the evesta search I don't know.

Clearly, by turning off the keyword enabled feature I seem to solve the problem but it leaves me with a desire to know what to change these other entries to the purge this proble from my system once and for all.

FLAREMAN_XSAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
FLAREMAN_XSAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all contributors, I really appreciate the interest and wish I could award everyone points but I'm clean out.
I can help you get rid of freensafe AND the evesta program.  Contact me at
Isn't it rather against the philosophy of this forum to be handling answers privately ? If you have something to say, say it.
Then I cannot answer him. I am bound by the rules of the company I work for :(
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