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Stopping (or stuttering) sounds in Flash

Why does the Stop All Sounds action almost always get bypassed in Flash? How can we get it to actually read them?

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1 Solution
For some reason, stop all sounds will only work when the sounds in your timeline are contained within a movie clip.



Stopping (or stuttering) sounds in Flash

I know how to stop sounds in flash, which makes this problem interesting.

I have a background music loop, what i'd like to do is have it start stuttered... as if i was "scratching" it.

this is gonna sounds really stupid, but if the music sounded like this,

Der duum der duum

I want it to start like:

Der-D-D-D--Der duum der duum

Make sense ?   hope so.

So this is what i did...
Created a new frame with two layers
on one layer was the music, on the other were the "stop all sounds" actions.

Here is my timeline:

you will need to display this in a fixed width font to make any sense.  (copy and paste into notepad)

-------| 123456789012345678901234567890
Sound--| s]]]s]s]s]]s]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
Stop---| ]]]a]a]a]a]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

the numbers represent the frame numbers
s = the sound file in a keyframe
a = the "stop all sounds" action (in a keyframe
] = non-keyframe

Now for the problem.... What happens is the "stop all sounds" is completely ignored and the background music loop just plays 4 copies of itself simultaneously !!!   Grrrrrr


Okay...  Start here.

(you will need to paste this into notepad to view the timelines)


1) In Flash, create a new file.
2) Insert a symbol of type "Movie Clip" called "soundloop" and rename "layer 1" to "Sound"
3) import your (loop) sound into the first frame
4) insert a new layer (call it "actions")
5) insert a keyframe at position 2 in "actions"
6) label this "Repeat"
7) insert a few blank frames into the "Sound" layer
8) add an action at the end of these blank frames - "goto and play Repeat"

your timeline should look like this
--------| 123456789
ACTIONS-| ]Kback]]
SOUND---| K]]]]]]A

the numbers represent the frame numbers
K = keyframe
A = action
back = label


You can now drag this "Movie Clip" onto the main stage and "stop all sounds" will work...  here is my timeline for the stuttered (or scratched) effect.

---------| 12345678901234567890
Layer2---| ]]]]S]]]]S]]]S]]S]]]]]]]]
Layer1---| K]]]BK]]]BK]]BK]B]]K]]]]]]]

] = Blank Frame
S = Stop all sounds action in a keyframe
K = keyframe (with "soundloop" movie clip on stage)
B = blank keyframe (with "soundloop" movie clip NOT on stage)


P.S.  Cheers Dan.
SuperMarioAuthor Commented:

If you want to leave this question open to other viewers for longer, withdraw your answer and make it a comment. I'll accept the comment in a couple of days. That's really helpful!

Okay...  Good idea.
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Looks like no-one else is going to add to this... may as well close the question.
you can close this now Dan...
SuperMarioAuthor Commented:
Great! Thanks!


(BTW - been gone for a week, so that's why I haven't answered)
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