Floppy Drive

I have actually 2 floppy drives which keep giving the error "This disk is not formatted or can not be formatted."
I checked computer and cables and all are fine.  I have narrowed it down to the drives themselves.
Are these dead drives or is there a common fix.  Are they dirty and do the commercial floppy drive cleaners effective?  Have you heard of this problem ?

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First, check all BIOS settings, cable, and drive settings to be sure that they are correct.  Second, take a disk with useless information.  Verify that it works on another computer, and then in yours.  You may wish to try to use some cleanres, but they don't get it all out.  If you are brace, you can open it up and clean it, but you must be sure to know exactly what you are doing in the process.  If that doesn't work, you should find a drive that works, and try it in your system.  You may need a new cable or board if that previously working drive doesn't work.
Floppy drives have a nasty habit of filling up inside with dust and having their mechanisms fail due to contamination.  It is possible to clean them out but my experiences has been that it's only a temporary fix as you just cannot get all the dirt/dust out.

New floppy drives are really inexpensive and I'd suggest you get a replacement.
Try a cleaning floppy with a liquid cleaner. This can solve the problem for a while. If not, they will have to be replaced. I hope this helps.
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I agree with above comments, but make sure your bios settings are OK, before following previous suggestions.
lllaoAuthor Commented:
Please read my comments as well.  I had check everything and know with 100% accuracy that the problem is with the drive.  Thank you for your response.
Basically I just wanted to know if the cleaners actually work.  Is it worth spending 7 bucks for a cleaner or 13 bucks for a new drive.
oooh, I didn't know that it was that much for cleaner.  It might be better to just get a new one if the drives are proven to not work if you followed all the stuff I outlined.
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