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Network card settings

bombhead asked
Last Modified: 2008-03-03
I'm trying to install Netware 4.11 and I can't figure out my network card settings. My card is a 3Com 3c589 etherlink III. Setup is asking me for my slot number and node number. Seeing as I'm and NT user this is well confusing. Any help would be appreciated
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What type of card is it PCI etc. ?


It's an ISA
I don't think you need to put anything in here.  Just return/tab over the fields.


It doesn't work.

The slot number refers to which of the ISA connectors on your motherboard each NIC may be installed in.  Look at the connector numbers on the motherboard.  The lowest numbered connector for the ISA slot should be slot 1. The slot numbers should increment from there.  If you have a server PC, rather than a desktop being used as a server, you ight have 6 to 8 "slots" or connectors.  If you put the NIC in the third connector, it is mosy likey slot 3.  Server BIOS setups often will list each slot and indicate what card is installed.  Compaq servers have this capability. You should not need a node number. Yout load statement should read like this:

LOAD 3C589 SLOT=3 FRAME=802.2 NAME IS 3C589_1

The 3c589 is the model of the NIC as discovered ny netware, the slot # is the connector the NIC is located in, the frame is the frame type used for this LOAD statement, you need a seperate LOAD statement for every frame type you bind to the NIC, the Name is whatever unique name you give for THIS frame type.  If you have 4 frames bound to the NIC you will have 4 names.  Next:


You must follow each LOAD statement wwith a corresponfing BIND statement.  The Name of the card is required to identify which board is being bound to which network.  NET= is the 8 character HEX number you assign to the network.  All systems using that external network number must use the same number.  
At the server console just "LOAD 3C589" and the server will respond with a choice for the SLOT number. The sugested one is the one the server found the card.
It is better to use "LOAD INETCFG for card installation.

Have to agree with michelandre there - loading manually without values is the easiest way on finding the slot numbers.

tried this myself and did not get the slot number back, perhaps because the card was successfuly loaded and I unloaded it first, then performed a load statement???
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