Japanese Windows 98

After a good deal of fussing around, I managed to install Japanese Windows 98.  Then I installed the application we are building, and when I went to run it, it reported that one specific DLL was out of date.  I have the correct one on a floppy, and tried to copy it to the system (replace the one that is there).  The Japanese Windows system WILL NOT ALLOW me to fiddle with the DLLs in any way (rename, move, replace, etc.)  I tried logging on as "administrator" with no difference.  I cannot get the "attributes" of the files to show in explorer.  

Please help me! -- Norm
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you mean by right clicking on the file it wont let you select properties and see the attributes,(read only, hidden,,,)
have you tried runing SFC,(start menu/run and type SFC , and extract 1 file and browse it to the file on the floppy ....
npnpAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.

(1) This is a Japanese version of Windows98.

(2) OLEAUT32.DLL lives in C:\Windows\System

(3) Attempting to run our application gets the message that that DLL is out of date.

(4) Copied the correct one from another (English) computer to floppy, put the floppy in the computer with Japanese Windows, and tried to copy it to \Windows\System.

(5) Got a big fat Japanese message box with just one button, presumably "OK".  Clicked it.  No change to the DLL, No copy from floppy.

(6) Experimented.  Tried renaming file on the system to ".BAK".  Same Japanese message box.  Same result: No change.

(7) No problem copying the file from floppy to a dummy folder.

Please help! -- Norm
try booting up into safe mode and replacing the Dll.
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npnpAuthor Commented:
You may on the right track.  If a DLL is in use, I may not be allowed to muck with it.

It's been a while.  How do I boot up in the safe mode?  There is something I have to "catch" while all that DOS stuff is scrolling up during the boot.  I think.

I appreciate your help. -- Norm
Try this article.  Found it while working on the bosses Japanese version 98 machine.  Lots of DLL problems with in-house written apps.



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npnpAuthor Commented:
abaldwin:  As it happened, some time back I downloaded Visual Studio 6, Service Pack 3.  Took all day and then some, so when I had it all, I put it on a CD for safe keeping.

Question:  Should I go ahead and install this into my Japanese Windows98, or should I order the "japanese version" from the service site you steered me to?

I really appreciate your help.  Please stay with me on this.  -- Norm
npnpAuthor Commented:
Andy: At the web site, it is mentioned that there are two versions of Service Pack 3, depending on which language-group.  It is well over 100 MB, and they say right there it is better to order the CD.  But when I called the number, I got a run-around SIX times to different phone numbers.  The sixth guy told me there is no CD, and I should download.

Trouble is, there is only one link to the download, and as I said, I already did that once, and have it on CD.  But if they make two language-group versions, I can't be sure which I have in hand.

Any advice? -- Norm

npnpAuthor Commented:
Andy: I went ahead and installed the service pack I had in hand, IT WORKED!, and now our application runs fine on Japanese Windows.

I want to thank you very much for your help in steering me in this direction.

I'm a bit miffed that Microsoft on their web page says the service pack is available on CD, while in fact I was told by SIX different phone numbers that it does not exist.

-- Thank you again. -- Norm
    I acutally got the same thing a while back and found it on our International MSDN subscription.  Even though that subscription cost  about 2000 us dollars I re-order every year because it saves me some serious hassle.  Especially when it comes to Service Packs for Back Office, Office, and OS's

Glad it worked for you too.... btw my understanding is that the dll's were different in the shipped version because of the error boxes that popup.  The service pack changes that.


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