audio CD problem.

If I put an audio CD to my CD-ROM my win98 stop working. After I pick out the CD,windows start working again.
What's the problem?
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mr_blackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My 1st recommendation at this time is to goto the CD-ROM manufacturers Web site and look for the latest drivers to the drive and see if that doesnt solve the problem. If not, let me know, as there could be hundreds of causes :)

Is the problem with one or a few of your CDs or all of them?

If it's only one or two of your CD's, it might be because the drive is haveing a hard time reading the Disc.. and this sometimes couses the OS the hang.
neoxAuthor Commented:
in win95 it was fully functionaly and the problem is with all the audio CD's
neoxAuthor Commented:
thanks mr_black, the problem was in old drivers.
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