Mouse/computer response slows down increasingly over few hours

The response from my system when I am slows to a crawl.  The mouse sometimes even disappears.  The only solution has been to shut down and restart.  Works for a while then starts to slow down again.
Computer repair person said it was because I had Norton Utilities.
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centervConnect With a Mentor Commented:

We're going to assume that all your hardware and software is loaded and working ok.
Mostly all you need is a basic system tuneup.
We'll use a 4 step approach, the 1st needing you to do some, the rest pretty much automatic.

If at any time you have questions or not sure about anything, ping back.

You can print this out by selecting and use the copy/paste to notepad.

Reboot pc and hold control key down or tap the f8 key until you get a choice start menu.
Choose Start in safe mode.  When in safe mode
Right click on My Computer/Properties click on Device manager
Click on the + boxes one at a time and expand
Each box should show you only the hardware that you
have installed in your pc ie:one keyboard only, one monitor, etc
If you see two or more of each, delete them both, If ok, close the box and go to next one.
Under disk drives you should see two Generic IDE drives, because you have 2 in system, but if more, delete them all.
If you see two scanners and delete, have the installation disk handy.

When you finish, reboot, and windows will reinstall all the hardware it finds
without any imput from you.
It will install all new drivers it has with the exception of scanner perhaps, if needed.

When all loaded again, reboot normally to be sure you have no glitches.

Once running, go to start\programs\accessoties\system tools\scandisk and do a quick scan on both of your hard drives.

When scandisk finishes, go to start\run and type SFC and hit ok

With System File Checker open, Scan for altered files should be checked, and hit start.

When it tells you that it wants to replace a file, say yes to all.

It should find your windows\options\cabs\ folder on its own, but if not, browse to it.

Same with windows\system as the folder to install to.

When finished it will prompt you to restart, click yes.

Up and running ok, click start/shutdown choose restart in dos mode.

When you get the prompt, type


and hit he enter button.

Reboot when finished, and all having gone well
you should be running ok.

Reload whatever item you want in msconfig, the less the better. Be sure to reload scanreg if you have the option.

If you run into any snags, ping back

Good Luck.
go, to start/run   type


and hit ok

Click on the startup tab and
uncheck every box except for systray.

reboot and see what your performance is.

those are items running in the background
every time you start your pc.

You can go back and check them again one or two at the time and
see which is giving you the problem when the pc is running.

Norton could be playing a part in this,
 by conflicting with any of those items.

So you may need to go through this process with and without Norton installed.

Not a hard project, but it is a time consuming one.

good luck.

wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I am not sure how this process works.  Does more than one answer come or do they stop when I select comment as an answer?  I will go try this and if it doesn't work, I will be back!
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You're bound to get many more comments,
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We try to come up with a possible solution for you
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wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
I did that and now I have a whole new set of questions.  Since I am putting more questions, can I raise the pts.  but I only have 200 total.
1.  In msconfig, why is disable fast shutdown checked, to what purpose.

2.  Why would selective start up vs normal startup be selected.  The only box not checked there is process winstart.bat.file

3.  Why would programs that I have deleted still have sys.ini and win.ini boxes checked?

    All this started after my machine had a spring cleaning at the computer store I had it built at.  I had a problem with how they put my new harddrive in, so I took it back up.   My usual tech was out sick so a young kid insisted he could do it.  He was all over moving so fast, deleting this and that.  When I brought it home I got a error that said norton had a problem to resinstall it.  I did, then it took forever to start up and the slowing down of the system/mouse started.  Yes, learned a lesson! When I start up now I get the messages, C:\windows.netstart/invalid value for binding specified, Error loading device driver/Ndishlp.sys, 7323 network/one or more transport drivers failed to load.  At the very end it says syntax error.  I have to wait to now to see if what I did fixed the slowing down of the system.  
1  win98 has a problem with shutdown.
In effect it will restart every time you shut down, anf that was MS's fix at the time.

You have not updated your win98 from MS Windows Update site, and not installed the shutdown patch.

When you do that, the problem is fixed and you no longer will have that box available.

2 Normal startup means that everything in msconfig
will be activated.
Where you're cusomizing your startup menu,
it has become selective.

3 Need more specifics on that question in your case.
Basically, the sys and win ini are retroback to dos.
windows still uses them to store compatability info, system and user info.
Do not edit them without specific reason or instructions.

will get to 2nd part of your question shortly
I think you came to your own conclusion on the rest of your post.

There is quite a bit you can do to get your system running good again.

Some info needed.

Do you have you win98 cd, or do you have a windows\options\cabs\ folder with the installation items in it?

You may want to start by uninstalling Norton using the uninstall option,
and dont reload it until after you're running well again.

Are you on a Network?
Do you have a network card?
Are you using a modem?
Do you have file sharing on?

Any other info on your hardware would be helpful.
wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
I have both, the cd and the cabs folder
I am not on a network
Not sure if I have a network card, how would I know?
I have an internal 56K modem but cable with ATT for my ISP
I am not sure where I would find out if I had file sharing on or not.  I do have pc anywhere.
My specs are Win 98 second edition 4.10.2222A, Intel Pentium (r) II, 128.0 MB RAM, a 8.4 and 6.4 g hard drives, CD 12x, HP printer, visoneer scanner, and a digital camera that I am still attempting to learn how to use.
It starts better now, doesn't take as long to start up.  I still am not sure if the slowing down is still taking place, the guys here keep shutting it down.  They seem to take a long time to train!
Thank you so much, you are so patient and very helpful.
thanks,  wtpoohcash

will get back to you tomorrow with some maintanence items that should put your pc back up in good running condition.


As you have many things to check consider here, I have only one question: Do you have a Logitech mouse installed?

wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
No it says Microsoft, IntelliMouse 1.1A, PS/2 Compatible
wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
This will take me a bit, but I will be back.  I have to do this work thing, just gets in the way sometimes!  But I'll be back.
By all means take as much time as you like.

You dont need to do it all at one sitting.

Do it piecemeal and pick up where you left off.

Just use the order that I gave you.

The win experts answers here is impressive.  I peeked at all the answers.
one other mini possibilty not to ignore.  Sometimes, as the web/net
slows down and your sytem is churning to give you data, sometimes
even for me, the mouse pointer disappers because of the whole
slowdown.  [net, large meg files] and sequential commands you may be
giving the system in your reasonable impatience can cause the
arrow/pointer to temporarily disappear.

When the processing is completed, if your system doesn't freeze by
the above media, your pointer will return.

welcome to the group.

I believe that the proposed answer is a bit premature, and should have been posted as a comment.

You would do   wtpoohcash a great service
by changing your answer to a comment
and reopen the question for others to see.

The practice here is to not post a proposed answer unless you're absolutely certain that
you have the  ONLY correct answer.

I also noticed that you've locked other questions this evening,perhaps unkbowingly,
and I would suggest that you unlock those also.

for further info please see

Thanks and enjoy.
wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
klemper, I am not really rejecting this, I just haven't finished doing the first things.
wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
It certainly helped.  It still takes just a little longer than I expect to come to the desktop - probably my own impatience.  I only have  scanreg, systray, and starter.exe (ensoniq mixer?) checked in msconfig.

I still have the error messages on the dos screen prior to windows 98 screen coming up.  I quess that doesn't matter.  I just would like to know why the messages are there and what they are from.

Thanks so much for your help.  I was ready to trash the whole thing and start over from a bare system!

My next challenge will be to figure out who to clean up my folders and consolidate.  I followed someone's directions and oh what a mess.  That is my next project to clean those up!

Again, thanks so very much.  I will certainly recommend this site to all I know!  Maybe one day, I can help someone with that.

thanks Debbie

" still have the error messages on the dos screen prior to windows 98 screen coming up."

I don't remember reading this item in earlier posts.
those messages are being generated by Autoexec.bat
or the Config.sys file.
I would need to know more to be of assistance with those.

Here's a quick check for you.
In Msconfig/selective startup   uncheck the boxes
process config.sys and process autoexec.bat
and restart.  This should eleminate all dos messages at startup.

Let me know.

My guess is that they are related to norton or an antivirus.

if you do not or need to run any of the dos items, those boxes can stay unchecked.

cant make determination without knowing more.


wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
that was it!!!! now it comes up really fast like it is supposed to.  to think this all started with my asking the tech at the computer store why i get a syntax error message.  sometimes the simplest questions lead to a very complicated recovery!

thank you, thank you, thank you!  i can't say that enough.

You're welcome, welcome, Debbie

However, refer to my last comment.

Antivirus and others are now disabled as far as checking the boot sectors and such.
I'm assuming that's what  caused those messages.
Copies of those errors are still written in a file on your pc, and a competent tech can read them and see what they are.

But, as I said earlier, they do not effect windows, only dos.
Not knowing how and for what purposes you use the pc, I can't make the determination as to wether you need them or not.

You propably already know.

Good luck.


wtpoohcashAuthor Commented:
We use this for work and home.  It is a much fought over tool in our house - always in use when more than just the dogs are here.  

So I really should turn those back on.  Finding a competent tech - how far away are you?  I live in a cow town that just came into the 20th century.  The tech guys here are still reeling with "the power of a little knowledge" which is what started this whole mess.  I will keep searching for one though!

I can tell you that norton causes more trouble than it fixes.
As you've seen, win98 in itself has pretty good tools.

Antivirus, any of them, about the same. Many techs are leaving it off from running automatically, or configuring for minimum as necessary.

Also just turning it on only when exposed such as when you download etc.
Always have a clean backup of your drive. Diff school of thought there.

You can turn those back on, but the pc may have written a new file there now, and they wont show up.

You can address any of those items in this group. may take a bit longer , but you usually get results.

I'm on the east coast and a cow town sounds pretty good about now!

regards, centerv

P S you should consider getting another pc or you'll go crazy!!
If you need one for the Net and email mostly, (or other) consider a MAC.
Not plagued with all the virus the pc s are.
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