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Ftp Connection under dos without API

i have set up the connection with TCP/IP. the station can ping each other. but i didn't have the API of the ICP/IP server under dos. r there anyway to setup a ftp connection under that condition. or r there any standard lib for c to setup such connection?
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AlexVirochovskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition to my prev. reply you
can use toolbook library/dll from:
           http://www.ets.bristol.ac.uk/toolbook/scripts/ftp/ftp.htm (dll)
if you had set a tcp connection then
for ftp connection use port:21
sadlyAuthor Commented:
can u give more details? i have no experieces under dos
belive me, either me

try to explain to me how did you made the tcp/ip connection in dos and i"ll try to be more helpful
Are you actually writing for DOS or will this be a console application. If it's a console app, you can use any of the windows API including all of the winsock functions.
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