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New Dimm instll: Cmpq see's it, Win'98 is dumb.

 That's the scoop,

 My Compaq Presario 5070 came factory w/ 1 32mb SDRAM DIMM, and 2 empty expansion slots. The sys requirments for New DIMM's seemed plenty specific** and the process seemed easy to follow.

 After install of 1 32mb SDRAM DIMM into slot 2, However, I'm gettin' weirdness in memory reporting and rather poorer performance.

 Compaq see's the new guy correctly and as enabled and reports the big 64mb (smirk) in that boot utility n' CMPQDIAG.exe, windows '98 ,however, reports assorted memory errors at boot and reports me @ 28mb (4mb to VGA that windows never see's) which is normal, for 1 32mb DIMM, not 2.

 Well, n' for irony, the system runs even a bit worse after install. "choppy/slow w/ big prog's, n' more program errors ect..."

 I've looked into this to a fair degree, tried a few things,I can provide any info ya like. but I'm scratchin my head and would like to know where the RAM is really and how to make it work like it has 64mg's.

probably something too easy for 500pts.

** 32 MB SyncDRAM shared memory architecture, three total DIMM slots upgradable to 384 MB – 4 MB dedicated for video memory
(SyncDRAM DIMM required)

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1 Solution
Me thinks 500 points is a wee bit high...........but its your dime.

1/ if you pull the new module out, does the system go back to a semblance of normal? If so, I would head back to where you bought it and have them test it, If it is no name memory, then corners may have been cut.

2/ If it does test out OK, then try to convince the shop to work a trade with you, the two 32's for 1 64 and a beer (or money)

Are you sure that the "new" DIMM is 'SDRAM' (SyncDRAM) ?

Remove both DIMMs, and put the "new" DIMM into the first slot, and put the "old" DIMM into the second slot, and see if that makes a difference.

You could be "mixing" DIMMs with different specifications, i.e., PC66 versus PC100.
Does your system work with only the new dimm inserted in bank 0?
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How do think your question is an answer?. It would seem that the person who posed the original question would be the judge of whether or not your "answer" is in fact the answer
Guess I have to read into the answer?

Nope, still do not get it.

Just a throw in, are you sure it is seated correctly?

dowd42Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 600
dowd42Author Commented:

 Hello again,

  sorry for the delay.
 (trapped under something heavy,ya know)

 First, thanks for all your suggestions!

 2nd,  Robbal,  that was a question, not an answere.
   (good point none the less)

  now, to answere your ?'s:

  Yes, it is seated correctly, w/o question.

  Yes, it is SyncDRAM, pc100

  AND...  no, Robbal, it doesn't, at least my monitor doesn't work.
 well, n' course it should were it the right kind n' not defective.

 It's just so wierd though, that Compaq see's it (knows the size n' everything)  as if windows is just missing it.

  Hmmm,  so,  I'll up it to 600 pts, give you guys another 24hrs (i'll chk in this time, promise)  n' if nobody has any better suggestions, I'll chalk it up as defective n' (ug) award Robbal the pts.  

 p.s.  anything w/ resource allocations somewhere?
  n' I read somewhere that something was tricky about win'98 n' pnp off the sys board... or something like that...

How well does the computer work with *ONLY* the "new" DIMM installed?
Still get "memory-errors"?

How well does it work with the "new" DIMM in the first slot, and the "old" DIMM in the second slot?
Ok...from the work that I have recently done on a Compaq, I have found out two things. One, Compaq's are the hardest type of computer to mess with besides Pionex, and secondly, when it comes to memory readings, they are usually wrong when you used Windows to check what is actually registering. The first thing that i would ask is what the speed of the processor is. Then I would ask about the speed of the system bus because depending on the speed of the bus, you may have too fast of ram (PC100). Normally, the lower end pentium computers ( don't know what speed you have so I am just giving all the info that I can here) need to have memory inserted in pairs. That being said, PC100 ram is a little different because it runs in different ways depending on the bus speed of the system. In some cases, it runs at 66mhz, and at others 100+. It just depends on the computer, the amount of memory, and other system questions. The first thing that I would do is check the bus speed or call compaq and ask them what brand of SDRam they recommend, or should I say, what distributor they would suggest that you buy your upgrade from. The reason that I say this, I was told by a major hardware firm that my computer would not take the PC100 chips because of a low bus speed. Now, this wasn't the case, but since the firm didn't know about the actual ram specs for the type of computer that I had, they really couldn't tell me what I needed, and thus would have sold me some ram that wouldn't have worked and I would be in the same predicament as you are in. Nex, I would check the seating once more just to be sure it is all ok, or maybe buy a can of air and blow any dust out of the socket that might be in there. Finally, if nothing comes of a call to the Compaq tech support, or via an email from the support team if you contact them that way, I would take the computer back to distributor that you bought it from, and have them take a look at it, and see if they can figure it out. I wish that there was better news that I could give you, but without being able to see the computer there isn't much more that can be done over the net as far as advice.

Best wishes,
I got this from the Compaq forum:

What type of RAM upgrade do I need to take my presario
 5070 machine up to 64MB RAM. Someone please let me
 know. Thanks.

What kind of RAM upgrade do you need?

 Go for true PC100 SDRAM rated at 8 nano seconds or less
 that conforms to serial detect 1. Don't consider the
 usage of generic RAM. Get it from a reputable
 manufacturer. Good luck.

 Derek M

 Compaq Consumer Electronic Services
Have you checked out Compaq's forum??


You have to register but thats not a problem, from reading some of the posts there I have come to the conclusion that there is many problems with the 5070, but then again you can say the same for most Compaq models
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