unknown network card

I have a pair of ISA network cards, they have no FCC number, but are marked E-LAN-2000 REV.D2.   Can anyone tell me the manufacturer, or where I might get a driver and jumper information for them.
  Thanks in advance John
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Given the cost of ISA NICs, I would suggest just buying two new ones ($10-15/each).  It'll save you a lot of time and hassle.
They probably are NE-2000 clones that will work with generic drivers, often the easiest thing to do is put one in a win 95 machine, with a t-piece and terminator on the 10b2 socket, and see what they detect as. Will take a look around tho'


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if you can find Linux boot disk, you can boot from it (1 floppy) and it autodetects all hardware very precisely, including netcards, Linux will tell you port number and IRQ.
jcollesAuthor Commented:
I agree, but that spoils the challenge!!   I hate throwing away bits that work , if only I could find the software.   Thanks everyone for your input, I'll keep trying.

The problem with auto detect is that they do not seem to.   there are jumpers for IRQ i/o etc, I have set to a free IRQ, but win98 doesnt detect it.

Regards john
Note, many cards will not detect properly UNLESS THEY ARE CONNECTED TO SOMETHING. The most basic connection is a coax t piece and terminator, otherwise 10baseT to a hub or via a twisted cable to another card.
you may also check if this IRQ you want to use set as 'Legacy ISA use IRQ X' in BIOS SETUP - helps sometimes...
I think these are the Elan 2000 cards.

Try these Win95 drivers..


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