What's the POP3 address for hotmail?

I want to use a e-mail client to get my mail. But I dont know the POP3 address(server) for hotmail. If anyone can tell me the POP3 address and possibly SMTP address as well I would really appreciate it.
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is what you do in Outlook Express. (which has to be Ver 5)

Tools / accounts / add / mail / <enter your name> / "I already have an email" / HTTP / HTTP

Hotmail is web based email and they do not supply access to pop3.  You can use Outlook Express I understand to read the hotmail account in your client.  I use the full version of Outlook and it doesn't have this feature.  Outlook Express comes with IE.
Dassa is right Hotmail does not support this, only http-mail which is pretty much limited to outlook express.
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If you want POP3 access that bad get a yahoo address (mail.yahoo.com) they do it very well.
ImgrafikAuthor Commented:
I have outlook express but when I click on the option for hotmail it just opens a IE window and takes me to the hotmail webpage. How can i congfigure outlook express so that i can get my mail in outlook express.
Gah. "/ HTTP / HTTP " should be

"/ HTTP / Hotmail"
Gah. "/ HTTP / HTTP " should be

"/ HTTP / Hotmail"
For the pop3 you could try pop3.hotmail.com or pop3.mail.hotmail.com or pop3.www.hotmail.com

The one that works should have the smtp as the same (pop3.hotmail.com would be smtp.hotmail.com)

I know Yahoo is pop3.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com so Hotmail should be something like that.

Then you type your user name and no password (if you want to type it in every time)

Just my 2¢
comp: hotmail does not have user pop  / SMTP. read their FAQ.
I thought they started doing it...
I guess the answer is to just use the web system or get a yahoo account. They let you do it through Outlook, Eudora etc...
Plus I have to say it is a better service than Hotmail because they don't close your account after 60days if you don't check it.
the cut of for hotmail is 120 days afaik?
Used to be 60, have not used it in a long time.
ImgrafikAuthor Commented:
j2 the IE cd with which installed outlook express has a older version of it. do you know where on microsoft's site i can download the latest version of outlook express.
Download Internet Explorer 5. Outlook express is not available as a separate package. (atleast not in sweden)
ImgrafikAuthor Commented:
k thanks for the help j2
i wont accept your answer until i get around to downloading ie5 and testing out your answer.
but u will get it .(or not)
What ever your host is your POP3 Server is simply mail.YOURHOST.com

mail.hotmail.com < Somtimes does'nt respond

If your using your ISP's host it's simply

There is not pop3 account for hotmail, although you can use outlook express or outlook to add it as a service.

<a href="http://sigx.yuriy.net"><img src=http://sigx.yuriy.net/images/sgx1/xzer0c00l.png border=0></a>  
You're not able to post code here?

Here's your solution guys!

hotmail popper

Hotmail Popper is a small application that allows you to check your Hotmail account e-mail from a normal POP mail client (such as Eudora). Unlike standard mail accounts which allow users to retrieve their e-mail through a POP mail client, Hotmail can normally only be checked on the web, or via Outlook Express. With Hotmail Popper, you can use your favorite POP mail client to retrieve your e-mail from your Hotmail account. In addition, Hotmail Popper allows you to send e-mails through Hotmail's service, as if it was a normal SMTP (outgoing mail) server.


That will only work for XP any other Windows OS doesn't offer POP to hotmail, and since Microsoft owns Hotmail now they made it so XP can access your accounts through Outlook

The only way I am aware of remotely accessing Hotmail is Via Outlook (2002 or above) using Win XP. It is very simple to set up.

Otherwise I have never known there to be a way to access hotmail via POP.

Or you can use "pop3hot.com" as a gateway: it simulate a pop3 server
How can I load the input tags in my webpage dynamically?
this will give you some info you might want lol, if you wanna check your hotmail from the web etc..actually i will just get all the code and keep it in tack so you can see how this works etc..guys, this is very kewl for checking out web mail direct etc...a must see for a newby! i am a newby so i was impressed by this one! here is the sample running on my page etc...if you wanna see it first etc..

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<body bgcolor="369369">
<p align="center"><font color="#000033" size="5"><strong>Login to various e-mail
<p align="center">====================================================
  <script launguage=javascript>
function send_form()
var user=window.document.genlogin.login.value;
var pw=window.document.genlogin.passwd.value;
      <!--Hotmail goes from here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "0")





      return (true);

      }<!--Hotmail ends here-->
      <!--Yahoo starts here-->
      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "1")







      return (true);

      }<!--Yahoo ends here-->

      <!--NetAddress starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "2")











      window.document.loginform.NA31port.value=80 ;




      return (true);

      }<!--NetAddress ends here-->

      <!--Rediff Mail starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "3")







      return (true);

      }<!-- RediffMail Ends here-->

      <!-- IndiaInfo starts Here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "4")







      return (true);

      }<!--IndiaInfo Ends here-->


      <!--123India starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "5")







      return (true);

      }<!--123India Ends here-->

      <!--OneBox starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "6")







      return (true);

      }<!--OneBox Ends here-->


      <!--MailCity starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "7")









      return (true);

      }<!--Mailcity Ends here-->


      <!--Chequemail starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "8")







      return (true);

      }<!--Chequemail Ends here-->


      <!--Epatra mail starts here-->

      if(window.document.genlogin.mailaccount.selectedIndex == "9")







      return (true);

      }<!--Epatramail Ends here-->



  <!-- This starts the Login Page -->
  <!--Hotmail form-->
<form name="passwordform" action="https://lc1.law5.hotmail.passport.com/cgi-bin/dologin" method="POST" target="_top" >

      <input type="hidden" name="login" >

      <input type="hidden" name="passwd" >

      <input type="hidden" name="svc" value="mail">

      <input type="hidden" name="RemoteDAPost" value="https://login.msnia.passport.com/ppsecure/post.asp">


      <!--YahooMail form-->

      <FORM action="http://login.yahoo.com/config/login?f9p32lgm8eokn" method="post" name="a" autocomplete="off">

      <input type="hidden" name="login" >

      <input type="hidden" name="passwd" >

      <INPUT name=".tries" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name=".src" type=hidden value="ym">

      <INPUT name=".last" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name="promo" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name=".intl" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name=".bypass" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name=".partner" type="hidden">

      <INPUT name=".chkP" type="hidden" value="Y">

      <INPUT name=".done" type="hidden"> </form>


      <!--Net address form-->

      <FORM name=loginform action=http://www.netaddress.com/tpl/Door/LoginPost method=post>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=2 name=LoginState>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=/tpl name=SuccessfulLogin>      

      <INPUT type=hidden value=www.netaddress.com name=NewServerName>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=None name=JavaScript>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=4 name=DomainID>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=usa.net name=Domain>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=classic.netaddress.com name=NA31site>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=80 name=NA31port>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=UserID>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=passwd>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=existing name=FormName>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=login>




      <!--IndiInfo Mail Starts here-->

      <FORM name=mailform  method=post>

    <INPUT type=hidden name=username>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=Password></form>


      <!--123India mail-->

       <FORM name=fn action=http://login2.123india.com/config/login method=post>

    <INPUT type=hidden name=uname>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=pwd>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=www name=eref>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=mail name=iref>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=mail name=srv>



      <!--Onebox -->

       <FORM name=TheForm action=http://www.onebox.com/inbox.html method=post>

       <INPUT type=hidden name=username>

       <INPUT type=hidden name=password>




      <FORM name=login_form action=http://login.mail.lycos.com/login.shtml method=post target=_top>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=http://mail.lycos.com name=callback>

      <INPUT type=hidden value=mailcity name=partner_key>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=user_name>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=user_passwd>




      <FORM name=frm action=http://www2.chequemail.com/cgi-bin/chequemail.cgi method=post>

    <INPUT type=hidden name=username>  

      <INPUT type=hidden name=passcode>  




      <FORM action=http://www.epatra.com/cgi-bin/epatrams/login1.cgi method=post name=login>

      <INPUT type=hidden name=user_login>

      <INPUT name=user_pwd type=hidden>


<!-- This starts thwe actuall script -->

<form name=genlogin method=post action="javascript:send_form()">

      <table border=0>


<td><font face="times" color="black"> User Name: </font></td>

            <td><input TYPE="text" NAME="login" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="50" onFocus="this.select();" style="background-color:#00FF00;"></td>

            <td><font face="times" color="black">@</font><select name="mailaccount" style="background-color:#00FF00;">
        <option value="Hotmail.com" selected> Hotmail.com</option>
        <option value="yahoo.com"> yahoo.com</option>
        <option value="usa.net">usa.net</option>
        <option value="rediff.com"> rediff.com</option>
        <option value="indiainfo.com"> indiainfo.com</option>
        <option value="123india.com"> 123india.com</option>
        <option value="Onebox.com"> OneBox.com</option>
        <option value="mailcity.com">mailcity.com/LycosMail</option>
        <option value="Chequemail.com">Chequemail</option>
        <option value="Epatra.com">Epatra.com</option>


             <td><font face="times" color="black">Password:</font></td>

            <td><input TYPE="password" NAME="passwd" SIZE="16" MAXLENGTH="16" style="background-color:#00FF00;"></td>

             <td>     <input type="button" value="Sign In" name="B1"onclick="javascript:send_form()" style="background-color:#00FF00;"></form></td></tr></table>

if i may make a suggestion also, (although a pricey upgrade) outlook from office system (office 2003) allows you to check hotmail/msn accounts. i have set this up and have been using it since outlook 2003 was released.
Your Hotmail account is available anywhere you can add an account to Outlook Express.  I do this at home and at work.  The HTTP Server setting is:


Your Login Name is your full Hotmail address, and your Password is your password.

-farest I know Hotmail do not have support for POP3 access because is a HTTP based email if you need to use free POP access for you email, you can create an account in Yahoo.com or go to http://www.gawab.com, its for free an work realy good. For read your Hotmail email from and external mail program use Outlook Express, or the new version of Office(xp or 2003) what you have to do is create a new account and when the program ask for your email address just type the hotmail one and click next it will ask you for the password and thats it you can read Hotmail from Outlook Express
Hotmail has no available POP3.  However, hackers have united to make a work-around.  Try this:


if you don't like that one, do a search for "hotmail" through all of SourceForge.  There's a number of projects doing similar things for Hotmail, Yahoo, and others.

How it works is by making a web connection, logging you in to Hotmail, downloading your messages, and formatting them into normal emails.  From the user perspective, it works just like regular POP.
ok Imgrafik and ...

it is possible to get hotmail by using mail client but one thing important is that mail program must support http mail server. if u have that, set ur hotmail account and select ur mail server type to "http".
then, u must fill "http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asp" in the address line.

that's all u need to do & follow further instructions.. after that u can use hotmail like some other pop3 mail services.... :)

it is also possible to receive/send lycos FREE mail account (not premium service/pop3) by using mail client.. lycos FREE mail is also http mail service. if u want the server address, i'll search and write here again...

.: oknh :.
oh man.. its just


no joke.. it is.
Indeed it is.
Someone mentioned that in February.  :)  This question was asked in 2000. :)
Yahoo mail also restrict users to access the mail account using POP3, why dont you sign up for an account in mail.yahoo.co.uk, then configuring your email client as OE5 like this:
Hotmail uses http. Server is  http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asps . login is your hotmail address.
To set up this feature in Hotmail, click on Options from the toolbar, then click on POP Mail. Enter your primary account's server name, username, and password. You can usually leave the server timeout and port number settings alone. If you're setting things up so you can check this account's messages with another mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook, click on Leave Messages on POP Server. To check if you have mail from these other accounts, click on POP Mail in your in-box.
You do have to use Outlook Express for Hotmail and MSN mail (if you installed msn explorer). Here is the url:    http://oe.msn.msnmail.hotmail.com/cgi-bin/hmdata/

Hope this helps! I had the same problem after installing msn explorer.

You *can* use hotmail with Outlook as well as Outlook Express. You use a wizard to define a download from a http server rather than a pop server.
One of the best mail reading tools I have come across is ePrompter (www.eprompter.com)

It allows you to periodically check your mail from various providers and download to your local machine.

It supports Hotmail among other mail providers. It does not support attachments at present.
hotmail is http
I personally wouldnt use hotmail as a pop3 unless it was your only option.  There are many more much reliable providers then hotmail, who you can get more space with and more features.  Dont get me wrong, Hotmail is handy as a quick fast solution for a web based email, but its not the best.
Hotmail is gettign 250mb, and upgrading alot of features soon.
Will be very good.
Well.. no Function working for any email id from YAHOo and MSN-HOTMAIL
Yahoo fix was released on 8/24/04
No doubt hotmail is getting 250mb, but Gmail is the best.
pop3hot.com doesn't connect you the microsoft server btw, it's a thrid party thing and i think u have to pay for the smtp parts. However, u could just find another free email servive (like ur ISP's one) and use their SMTP servers to relay ur messages. It works really well and to ur reciepiants it just looks like the email came from hotmail.
I would say spend $$ and buy webmail mostly all give pop with registered accounts. I use usa.net. They give pop. Hell they are even giving IMAP now so it couldn't be better than that.
I don't use a pop from hotmail anymore because I've heard they need payment for use hotmail with outlook. (I used POP3.HOTMAIL.COM and this worked in the past).
You can access HotMail and MSN mail  using the Office 2003 version of Outlook. This is, of course, because Outlook, HotMail, and MSN all are Microsoft products or services. You do need to download a Microsoft app called (I think) Microsoft Office Connector for MSN in order to get it to work.

One can also access HotMail or MSN from any POP capable email client (I use Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0) using a local app called Hotmail Popper (http://www.boolean.ca/hotpop/). It basically creates a local POP server on your own machine and that POP server knows how to go out and pull down mail from either MSN or Hotmail. It works fine for me with MSN Premium and I also set it up for my Father who has MSN dialup.

The latest version is free to try but then costs $17.50. There is an older free version still floating around... That's what I use and it seems to work fine.

My understanding is that Microsoft only allows this mechanism to work with paid HotMail or MSN accounts.

I hope this is helpful.

I'm using outlook express to access mail at msn.com which is, I think, the same as hotmail.  

Mail type is http

My account server is: http://oe.msn.msnmail.hotmail.com/cgi-bin/hmdata

I got this info from msn help.

i think hotmail do have pop access but you have to join the paid version :)
MSN Hotmail Plus includes all the features of Hotmail and extra benefits including:

Virtually unlimited storage space
with a 2GB inbox
Increase your capacity to store more
e-mails and files.
Larger file attachments, up to
20MB per e-mail
Easily share your photos, music and documents.
Freedom from the 30-day Hotmail account expiration policy
Your Hotmail account will never expire.*
E-mail without banner advertisements
Enjoy your e-mail free from graphical ads.
Access MSN Hotmail with Microsoft Office Outlook® or Outlook Express
Download and store MSN Hotmail messages on your PC. Read and compose messages when you're not online.
MSN Messenger Integration
Use MSN Messenger right from within Hotmail.
What's that little star there?

Your hotmail account will never expire.*

**Unless you leave it for 30 days

lolol :p
Kshitij AhujaTechnology DeveloperCommented:
what ever they say , but gmail is the best as for now . FREE POP ACCESS  and a whooping 1 GB storage. i think thats more than enough to use as a pop account .
Please please don't use Outlook Express.  If you need a client, which I doubt, use the free Mozilla Thunderbird.  To fetch your hotmail from a popclient try


It allows one to access a wide variety of web-based email via one's POP3 email client.

Good luck
MS apparently announced the WebDAV code behind OE's connection to Hotmail was being yanked as of April. They claim spammers were using it--I've heard complaints about WebDAV (I think it was subject to buffer overflows). Anyway,  they announced this several months ago, but I didn't notice it until OE just stopped working yesterday.

Props to r0guenj for posting about Outlook 2003 working with Hotmail. Previous versions didn't so I just assumed that wasn't an option. Sorry, but I refuse to hack around with POP to get Eudora to work and I'll have my privates nailed to a moving bus before I give another dime to Bill G.
download Poppeeper from http://www.poppeeper.com/

Compatible with the following Server Types: POP3, GMail, Hotmail\MSN, Yahoo, Mail.com, MyWay, Excite, Lycos.com, RediffMail
Read and delete email without opening your email client
HTML Email Support
Password Protection
Message protection features including security from viruses and web bugs
Save or Open File attachments
No account limit -- notifies you of an unlimited number of accounts
Be notified of new email with visual and\or audible indicators
Extensive Help with useful tips and information
i cant beleave i paid for this?
What is "no"?
Hotmail dosent support pop mail lol. Maybe u should get gmail or yahoo
hello there is no pop3 address to use hotmail
use as http and the url is


only you have to check http instead of pop3
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