How to change C++ Const to VB Const

I need to change some C++ constants to VB constants (Which do not appear in the API32.text)

In C++ CCS_Adjustable would be defined as

 #define CCS_ADJUSTABLE   0x00000020L

In VB It would be
 Public Const CCS_Adjustable = &H??????

How do I perform the conversion? I need to do this to many constants
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Public Const CCS_Adjustable = &H20

I usually do a search and replace:
"#define" to "Const"
"0x" to "= &H"

Then manually remove the trailing "L"

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orbitaltechAuthor Commented:
That's what i had done. But is that "L" needed? What does it reference?

L means Long in C

If you wish, you could write:
Public Const CCS_Adjustable = &H20&

Which specifies that CCS_Adjustable is a Long.
orbitaltechAuthor Commented:
My hunch exactly.. Thanks for your help
You're welcome. :-)
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